Paul Baumer from All Quiet on the Western Front into the Vietnam War.

Switching Settings

Let’s put Paul Baumer in the Vietnam War.  First, his name probably wouldn’t be Paul; it would be something Vietnamese such as Chi Minh or another. The plot of the story could be very similar though. A soldier who is fighting a tough war, poorly equipped, with a few friends who fall every day. Instead of trench warfare in the woods he would be slinking through the jungles of Vietnam. Death would still be prevalent. His weapons would be different and he would be fighting more of a guerilla war than conventional warfare.  The trip to his mother could be similar. He would still have a poor family with not enough food. There would be no trains; it is more likely he would have to walk but he would be closer because the Vietnam War was a civil war so he would be in his mother country. He still would have joined the army with classmates young. Only the details of the upgraded time and change from France and Germany to Vietnam would alter in the story.

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