The changes in tv technology from past to present.

I remember the days of black and white television channels and only 13 channels to click between. The time where if the picture was fading you would have to move the “rabbit ears” or antennas to make the picture come in clear. Some people would even add tin foil to the antennas to get a better signal. Now these days we have high definition, flat screen, plasma, liquid crystal display, and boat loads of technological advances in tv that buying one could put a hole in your wallet.  Flat screens are awesome I think because they do not take up alotta space which is a plus for people who have small rooms or appartments that are unable to fit big item into. Do you remember those first big screen tvs that came out around 1998? Those big, bulky cubed shaped tvs with the big screen type display? With the advances in technology in 2010 those big screen tvs that take up loads of space can now be replaced with same screen sized flat scree tvs that take up about 1/2 the space as the big screen tv took up.  We take color picture tv for granted I know I do. Now I am able to hook up my computer, ps2, and other devices to my television and use it as a gaming monitor, or use it for presentations for business meetings which couldn’t be done with the ye old black and white caveman like tvs. Don’t take the technology of tv for granted cause what would life be like without tv? I know what it would be like and that would be boring!!!!!!!!

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