Humorous list of nicknames that is unlikely to go over well with your boyfriend.

You feel close to your boyfriend.  You decide to give him a special nickname.  Here are ten nicknames that are not likely to please him.

1.   Prancing Pup.  Affection is one thing. Fetching your slippers is something else.

2.   Sudsy Muffin.  Hey, just because he helps out cleaning the dishes doesn’t mean you have to stick him with this name.

3.   Ookie Snookie.  Do you love the guy or do you just want to embarrass him?

4.   Glutton Glob.  Sure your boyfriend is overweight.  He eats too much.  However, you don’t have to rub it in.

5.   Falling Chicken.  Okay, so your boyfriend is not the smoothest guy on the block. Actually, he is rather clumsy. The nickname isn’t going to help his condition.

6.   Chirping Cheap.  We get it. He doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on a date with you.  Just feed him some birdseed instead.

7.   Snoring Porkchops. Your boyfriend is a horrendous snorer.  Again, we get the point. As for the porkchops, the last time I checked, porkchops don’t snore.

8.   Losing Lover.  Does this mean that you are losing your boyfriend or that he is a lousy lover? Please clarify.

9.   Sweatheart.  The best thing that you can say about your boyfriend is that he sweats a lot.  Not good.

10. Tweety Twit.  Your boyfriend is a compulsive Twitter talker.  Either that or he loves to collect Tweety Bird memorabilia.

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