Here are ten signs that your boyfriend is showing rude behavior.

You’re with your boyfriend, and he isn’t acting very nice.  In fact, he seems to be downright rude.  Here are ten signs to show that your boyfriend is being rude to you:

1.   Your boyfriend raids your refrigerator and makes a super sub for himself.  He then guzzles down a beer and belches loudly.

2.   Your boyfriend starts sticking his tongue out at you and telling you how much you want it.

3.   Your boyfriend sneezes right in front of your face on purpose.

4.   Your boyfriend takes your CDs without your permission.  He never brings them back.

5.   Your boyfriend talks to you as if you don’t exist.  He only talks about his problems and his needs.

6.   Your boyfriend drops food on your carpet and doesn’t bother to clean the mess up. Even worse, he starts rubbing the food into the carpet with his shoes.

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7.   Your boyfriend talks about a babe that he had in his dreams.  He goes on and on about the babe while ignoring you.

8.   Your boyfriend tells you that you need to lose weight.  He starts making pig sounds.

9.   Your boyfriend complains about your parents.  He starts mocking them.  You happen to love your parents.

10. Your boyfriend spends the whole evening playing video games.  He only talks to you when he asks you to bring him some snacks.

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  • Sushant94 on Jan 30, 2010

    damn funny! yeah!

  • qasimdharamsy on Jan 30, 2010

    Really nice…great work…I enjoyed it….

  • Christine Ramsay on Jan 30, 2010

    It is definitely time to be shot of him if he does all those things. A good read.


  • 8Shei8 on Jan 30, 2010

    Hey, that sounds just like my old boyfriend :) Good one.

  • Jenilia12 on Jan 30, 2010

    Good post.
    Thanks to share this one.

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