Here are ten things that can make your boyfriend feel very unhappy and cry.

Boyfriends are not immune from crying. They can be sad and very unhappy

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.  Here are ten things that can make your boyfriend cry:

1.   Your boyfriend has just totalled his father’s brand new car.  Your boyfriend’s car insurance expired a week ago.

2.   Your boyfriend bought scalper tickets to a concert.  It cost him one hundred dollars. The tickets were fake.

3.   Your boyfriend lost his wallet in the gym locker.  He thinks that someone stole it. His important ID is gone.

4.   Your boyfriend has a loser partner in his science class. His partner botches an important experiment that lowers your boyfriend’s grade.

5.   Your boyfriend has a hot date planned with you for the weekend. Unfortunately, he has just picked up the flu. Romance does not go well on a jittery stomach.

6.   Your boyfriend loses his voice just before a major concert. He can barely sing beyond the level of frog.

7.   Your boyfriend goes to the dentist and learns that he needs a major root canal. Your boyfriend can’t stand the slightest bit of pain.

8.   Your boyfriend gives you a passionate kiss and then breaks into a rash. He believes that he is allergic to you.

9.   Your boyfriend takes you to an expensive restaurant. After dinner, he feels very ill. He discovers that the restaurant has had problems in the past with safety and health violations.

10.  Your boyfriend proposes to marry you.  You flat out reject him. The engagement ring cost over five hundred dollars. There is a no return policy.  Also, you get a notice in the mail that your bank account just received a bounced check.  You’re in big trouble.

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