A story of intrigue, and failure. My inspiring story of my misadventures in the wacky world of Terraria! Zombies, demonic eyes, and skeletons! Oh, and slimes. This is my story; my mission for epic loots. "I will find you epic loots!" Even if it kills me… over, and over.

Let’s get started into the wacky world of Terraria! I first made my character choosing his colors. After creating my character I chose the Large World to start my misadventures. I first met a chap named the guide, he told me some helpful tips, I think? The first thing I did was start chopping trees down with my trusty axe. The trees just exploded, it was definitely interesting! I picking up the wood, and threw an acorn down to grow another tree. “Oh, hello there little slime” I said as I walked over to greet it. “Ouch! He’s trying to kill me!” I hit him with my trusty axe, and watched as he exploded after a few hits. The slime gave me some gel which I promptly crafted into torches.

It started getting dark from frolicking in the forest. The music changed, and before me zombies started appearing. Oh crap, I thought since I don’t have any weapons. I started frantically building a small wooden cottage with all that wood I collected. Ha! I outsmarted the zombies with my ingenuity. I stood there in a wooden box trapped, with zombies scratching the walls, and flying eyeballs bouncing off the house. I decided to make a workbench to craft some doors.

After crafting some doors, and the zombies were banging on the doors like a crazy landlord. The guide I met earlier on started getting anxious. He opened the door, letting all the zombies in! “What hell hell guide!” I thought to myself. As a horde of zombies flowed into my small house, I started taking some serious damage. I decided to run away with torch in hand, dodging flying demonic eyeballs, and blood thirsty zombies. 

As I ran off in the night farther to the right, I noticed the ground looked different. I ran into something that damaged me, it appeared to be thorns. Oh great, more enemies attacking me. Except these enemies looked like some sort of flying pre-jurassic daemon. I saw a hole and did a leap of faith… Okay, I’m falling. This hole is deeper than I thought. Oh there’s the ground, my body exploded on the ground for thousands of damage. I was dead.

Luckily, I respawned! Rejoice! The sun starts coming up to my relief the zombies are gone. I cursed at the guide who conspired against me in my time of helplessness. I ran over to what seemed to be a cave, and started digging. Oh look stone, I mined it up without hesitation. I’ll need this for later on, I thought to myself. As I dug down, to the right, down again, to the left, leaving torches everywhere I went my paths started crossing. I think I’m lost?

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