Each day I will keep a diary of my adventures. Today I was at the hospital with Mummy and Daddy.

This is me! My name is Tim Jnr. I am 11 months old, and today i was at the hospital with my Mummy and Daddy.

I stayed at Daddy’s house last night. We had to get up extra early today. I like to get up early, but not too early! It was raining again today. It was raining so much that i didn’t open the window. I think i should ask Mummy to get me an umbrella. I only have my T-shirt and my red hat, so it is very easy for me to get too wet.

Daddy didn’t want to get out of bed. I think he doesn’t like mornings. I made him get up though, i bounced on him until he gave in! We had to go to the hospital so that my new brother could be checked. I got myself dressed and i cleaned my shoes, and helped my friend Jeff get ready too! Jeff doesn’t need to do much to get ready. Like me, he already had his shoes on, so all he needed was a wash. We all had coco pops for breakfast today. Jeff doesn’t like them very much, so i helped him finish his. Daddy let Jeff have some of his toast.

Getting out to the car was very fun. Me and Jeff got to ride in Daddy’s pocket so that we didn’t get wet. Jeff got a little bit wet because e is very tall, and can’t get all of him inside Daddy’s pocket. I think Jeff likes the rain though.

We had a long ride in the car to get to the hospital. There were lots of other cars, and also, there were lots of red lights. I’m not too keen on the red lights myself, i like it when they turn orange. That’s my favourite colour! I like it in the car. Mummy lets me sit at the front and wave to lots of people.

At the hospital, Daddy seemed very happy. He said that it was nice to find somewhere to park for a change. Me and Jeff got to ride in Mummy’s bag until we went inside. It was raining so much! If i had been walking, i would have been swept away by all of the water! We all got inside and found the place that we had to go to.

After going through all of that water outside, I didn’t think that Mummy would want a drink. There was a lady came to see Mummy, but i didn’t like her. She made my Mummy roll up her sleeve and then she stuck a needle in her arm and ran away with lots of Mummy’s blood!  I felt very sorry for her, so i went to hold her had and give her a cuddle. Then, would you believe, the same lady came back and made Mummy drink lots of sugary water! Even after being out in all that rain! I wanted to tell te lady off for being horrible, but she ran away again.

We had to wait for a very long time before somebody came to see us again. This time though, it was a nice lady. I have met her before, and she always smiles at me! She asked Mummy to lay on a bed while she felt Mummy’s tummy. I think she was looking for my new brother. I told her that she was looking in the right place because i have felt him wriggling in there. I think he is trying to escape. Then, she put a stick on Mummy’s tummy, and i could hear my new brother playing drums, it was going “boom boom boom boom”. It sounded very good, and when he is here, i will play music with him.

The next few hours were very boring. We had to wait for a very long time. In the end, the horrible lady came back! I went straight up and stood in front of Mummy to protect her. It didn’t work though, i was too small. She put another needle in Mummy’s other arm and took even more blood. Mummy had to answer some questions, and then we went back to the car. we didn’t go back to Daddy’s house though. We went to Mummy’s house and had coffee. Well, i didn’t because I’m too small to have that. I shared some orange juice with Jeff.

Mummy had to go to college for the afternoon, so i went with her. We didn’t have to do alot today. I did some listening and learning, then played sliding on the desk. I can go very fast! We were at the very top of the building today. I like to look out of the window when im up there. I can see all of the toy cars at the bottom. I saw my favourite car today too, it was the orange one!

We had spaghetti bolognaise for tea tonight. I had my spaghetti really small, just for me. Jeff shared it with me. I think Jeff likes it lots. After we had our tea, me and Jeff played circle time. This was Jeff’s idea. We sat in a circle, and told each other our secrets, and what we like about each other. I learnt that Jeff likes it when I sing songs about him, and Jeff learnt that I like it when he gives me big hugs.

I missed big cook little cook today. I hope i can see it tomorrow. I want to learn something new to cook! Me and Jeff are tired now, so i will go to bed now. Im sorry that there aren’t any pictures for you to see today, silly Daddy didn’t have his camera with him! I told him off, and made him promise to have his camera tomorrow! I hoe you enjoyed reading about my day, and i hope you had a good day too.

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