In every Language some words have slightest difference in meaning though some people used all of them for the same meaning.

To Know is with reference to some ascertained fact; as ‘I know that the earth moves around the sun.’

To believe implies faith, trust or confidence in some person or thing in the absence of certain proof; as ‘i believe in the goodness of God.’

To think means to consider, to be of opinion – ‘I think it will rain’.

To suppose means to assume or presume with or without good reason – ‘You will soon be going to the hills, I suppose.’

To trust means to hope. You will soon be better I trust.

To hope means to anticipate an event as pleasurable. I hope he will recover from his illness.

To expect means merely to anticipate an event without reference to whether it is painful od pleasurable.

These verbs are often confused with one another by non-native students.

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