Women these days date assholes and then complain via social network and to their friends about how the entire male population sucks.

Girls are very opinionated creatures here on this earth (LOL) and they aren’t afraid to speak their minds, so here I sit…writing this article. This is for the entire female population. I hope all you ladies enjoy!!

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I see a female post “Ugh! Guys are such assholes! I’m turning lesbian!”

Then I hit Twitter, in hopes of some drama free social networking fun, but what do you know? Yet ANOTHER female posting about her break up. “I’m glad we aren’t together anymore. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Where are all the REAL men at?”

Well, first of all, ladies, if you stopped going for the same types of guys…you know? The guys that will use you for whatever you have to offer; sex, money, rides, your friends, or fame even – and then cheat on you when your back is turned. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, let me make it simpler. The guys that have the word “swag” and the numbers “69″ as their xbox gamertag and hashtag “swag” in every single one of their instagram photos and tweets. When you see swag, ladies…run for the hills.

Try going for a guy that has a 9-5 job, lives on his own and supports himself. You don’t need a man that’s going to be using you at all costs. Maybe then, you can see that not all guys are bad and you won’t be giving the entire male population a bad name – just because the TYPE of men you go for are pigs, doesn’t mean they all are.

On another note, “I’m going lesbian” isn’t even a funny joke for when you get dumped or cheated omn by a guy. Grow up a bit, why don’t we?

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