What will happen when the girls find out they’re pregnant?

Chapter Nine: Positive Times Three.

The boys dropped the girls off at their apartment and helped them inside with their things. Bubbles showed Alexa the spare room. There wasn’t much in it. Just a bed, small desk and a nightstand.

“It’s a little dark,” Alexa said.

“Oh,” Bubbles said. “Here we go and switched on the light.” David came up behind Bubbles, startling her a little. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

Suddenly the room became bright. “Thank you, Bubbles. It is kind of you to take me in.”

In the living room Blossom plopped on the couch exhausted. “I’m so tired,” he said.

“Oh, really,” Brick said, sitting next to her. “I thought I’d stay over tonight.”

“I’d love to, but I really need the rest for our first day tomorrow.”

“Okay, but we can do something tomorrow night?”

“Sure, I’d like that,” she said.

Buttercup went straight to her room and sat down on her bed. She didn’t bother unpacking. She just stared out into space, not being able to forget what Brick said about them losing time. She just wish she could remember what happened.

So she sat there in a sort of trance as Butch sat down next to her. She jumped as he put his arms around her.

“Hey, baby, what’s going on?”

She looked over and saw that it was Butch. She put her head on his shoulder with her hand on his chest. “I was just thinking about what Brick told us.”

“About losing a day,” he said. She looked into his eyes. There was a sadness about her. “Don’t think about that now.” He put his hands on either side of her face and kissed her. She put her arms around his neck as he held her close. He lower her onto the bed, stroking her hair. “Let me stay with you tonight.”

“You don’t have to,” she said and lifted herself up again.

“And why not?” he asked and started to kiss her neck. “Now that I have you I don’t want to let you go.” She moaned softly. “You’re the only thing that matters to me.”

“And what about your brothers?” she asked.

“Yeah, well, they won’t miss me.”

Liked it
  • M0n3y1989 on Oct 19, 2010

    very long experiment

  • webseowriters on Oct 19, 2010

    Thanks for sharing

  • BruceW on Oct 22, 2010

    Finding it a little hard to believe the three couples aren’t suspicious of how totally clueless the aliens are! But enjoying it immensely.

  • Fool Proof on Oct 25, 2010

    Wow….. 15 pages…..

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