What will happen when the girls find out they’re pregnant?

Chapter Nine: Positive Times Three.

Soon, he heard noise coming from the outside. Then the door quickly opened. It was Butch coming in. He was on the phone.

“Hey, come on, Buttercup,” he called into the phone. “Why aren’t you answering? This is my third call today. Come on, baby. I want to see you tonight. Call me when you get this.”

He went into the refrigerator and picked up a piece of leftover chocolate cake. He wolfed it down in one bite.

When he walked into the living room he saw David sitting on the couch. “Hey, what’s on?”

“There are these two humans,” he said, starting to explain the movie. “One male, one female and they are…”

Butch looked over at the telelvision seeing thre couple on screen making sex. “Okay, I get it,” Butch said. “It’s just some dumb romantic movie. Buttercup likes those, but she would never admit it.”

“You like Buttercup, a lot. She’s you mate.”

“Mate? That’s funny way of putting it. She’s my girlfriend… when she’s not pissed at me.”

“Pissed?” He didn’t know that human word.

“Yeah, when she’s not mad.”

“Oh, like Alexa,” he said. “She is quite mad today.”

“Hey, you guys have a fight?” Butch asked.

“Yes, I think it was a fight. She just walked off and left me there.”

“Well, just buy her some flowers and work out an apology.”

“Apology? But I didn’t do anything wrong,” he fired.

“Don’t matter, man. You want any lovin’ from that girl you have to apologize,” Butch said. “So what was the fight about?”

“She wanted to have…” he tried to think of the word. “Relations, but I refused.”

“What?” Butch getting up of the couch. “Are you nuts? That girl is hot. She wants to have sex, and you turn her down. Damn, no wonder she’s pissed.”

“This is wrong?”

“It’s stupid. What, don’t you like her?”

“Of course, I care about her deeply,” he said. “But…”

“But nothing, man. Go for it.”

“Is that how it was for you and Buttercup?” he asked.

“Well, not exactly,” Butch said, thinking back to the first time he met her. “We’re were kids when we met.”

Liked it
  • M0n3y1989 on Oct 19, 2010

    very long experiment

  • webseowriters on Oct 19, 2010

    Thanks for sharing

  • BruceW on Oct 22, 2010

    Finding it a little hard to believe the three couples aren’t suspicious of how totally clueless the aliens are! But enjoying it immensely.

  • Fool Proof on Oct 25, 2010

    Wow….. 15 pages…..

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