What will happen when the girls find out they’re pregnant?

Chapter Nine: Positive Times Three.

“A dumb ass,” Boomer added. He still didn’t understand, but he pretended like he did. “Okay, here’s a question. Do you love her?”

“Love? I don’t know. I care for her, but I’m not sure I know what love is. How is it with your mates?”

“You mean our girlfriends,” Brick corrected.

“Yes, girl-friends,” he said slowly. He would have to remember that one.

“Well, every time I’m around Blossom my head starts spinning, and I get these butterflies in my stomach,” Brick said.

“It sounds like a illness,” David said.

They both laughed. “It sort of is,” Boomer said. “But a good one. With Bubbles, that girl makes me so weak in the knees. And I love when she giggles.”

“That is love? So different people love for different reasons.” And here he thought all humans were alike.

“Sure,” Brick said. “So what is it you like about Alexa?”

“Well,” he started, trying to think back. “She is intelligent, forceful. She never backs down from an argument. And she makes me think about other things other than my work.”

“Other things?” Boomer asked. “I can guess what those other things are. I can’t think about anything when I’m with Bubbles.”

“Same with me when I’m with Blossom,” Brick said. “So why don’t you call her. Take her out on a date.”

“A date?” David asked. “What is a date?”

Brick looked shocked, but decided to give him a few suggestions. “Invite her out to dinner, a movie, go to a show, a walk in the park, something like that.”

“Yes, that might be nice,” he said. He walked off into his room and contemplated the idea.


Later that night at the girls’ apartment, they all sat in the living room. They were all so nervous.

“Should we take the test now?” Bubbles wondered. “I really have to know.”

“Well, technically it is morning,” Blossom said, looking over at the clock. It read 12:05 AM.

“Okay,” Buttercup said. “Let’s get this over with.”

They all took their tests out and read the instructions. One by one they entered the bathroom. Blossom went first. After a short while she came out and put the test on the coffee table. Bubbles was next, followed by Buttercup. She took the longest, hesitating for a long while. Finally she came out.

Liked it
  • M0n3y1989 on Oct 19, 2010

    very long experiment

  • webseowriters on Oct 19, 2010

    Thanks for sharing

  • BruceW on Oct 22, 2010

    Finding it a little hard to believe the three couples aren’t suspicious of how totally clueless the aliens are! But enjoying it immensely.

  • Fool Proof on Oct 25, 2010

    Wow….. 15 pages…..

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