What will happen when the girls find out they’re pregnant?

Chapter Nine: Positive Times Three.

“So, how long do we wait?” Bubbles asked.

“Five more minutes should do it,” Blossom said. She was starting to sweat. They all sat in silence, just staring at the clock. Finally five minutes passed. “Okay,” she said. “Whose first?”

“You go,” Bubbles said.

“No, you,” Blossom said.

“What about Buttercup,” Bubbles said, pointing to her sister. “You go first.”

“No, way,” she snapped and sat back on the couch and folded her arms.

“Fine,” Blossom said. “I’ll go first.”

She picked up her test, thinking it would be negative, but her mouth dropped open when she saw the results. “Oh, god,” she screeched out. “It’s positive.”

“What?” Bubbles squealed out. “It can’t be.” She grabbed Blossom’s test and looked at it. There was no doubt about it. It was positive. She grabbed hers frantically and read it. “No!!!” she screamed. “Damn it! How could this have happened?”

“Because you and Boomer are like two horny rabbits,” Buttercup fired at her.

“And what about you and Butch,” Bubbles screamed at her. “You know I can hear you two through the walls. It’s disgusting.”

“Shut up,” Blossom shouted. “Both of you.” All went silent as Bubbles and Blossom both stared at her test. “So, are you going to check it?” She directed the question at Buttercup.

“No,” she said and started to walk off to her room. Bubbles picked it up and read it.

“Buttercup,” she said, coming up behind her. Buttercup stopped dead in her tracks. “You better look at this.”

She turned around and snatched it out of Bubbles’ hand. She glanced at it at first, then looked long and hard. Her face went pale, and her breathing became erratic.

“Buttercup,” Blossom said. “Are you alright?”

“I-I gotta get out of here.” She flew out of the living room and out the front door. Her sisters just stood there in shock.

Liked it
  • M0n3y1989 on Oct 19, 2010

    very long experiment

  • webseowriters on Oct 19, 2010

    Thanks for sharing

  • BruceW on Oct 22, 2010

    Finding it a little hard to believe the three couples aren’t suspicious of how totally clueless the aliens are! But enjoying it immensely.

  • Fool Proof on Oct 25, 2010

    Wow….. 15 pages…..

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