According to Russian political analysts, American society is "heavily infested by materialism and individualism, the United States is like a wayward ship that only famous Russian soul can save you from terrible identity crisis it goes.

Paraphrasing E.E. Cummings, who said that “America is terrible mistakes. America carries a tremendous guilt for the status quo in the world, but one thing is undeniable: that America is always in motion. It really goes to hell, but at little move, analysts and sociologists believe that Russians are U.S. are like a dying giant, destroyed from within, and that can be saved only by a healthy infusion of spirit, attitude and mentality typical Russian.

The conclusions of specialists from Moscow, America is guilty of falling economic crisis, high rates of obesity or extremely divided society, but very spiritual and moral decay of society, with their lack of identity that each individual is guilty U.S. Russian experts in making this a parallel between the moments before the collapse of the Roman Empire and the present situation of America.

In contrast, the Russians still has a strong connection with nature, have a simple diet, but naturally, are genetically healthy, feminism existent Russian society has no way threaten the family cell and people are not technology dependence, which we allow to have an ideal physical condition and mentally practiced a day.

In other words, in the opinion of Russians, the United States should admit that they pit a lot to learn from Russia, although many Americans still suffering from the syndrome “Cold War” and not understand that Russia is not USSR. Russia is a mature country with a long tradition that has survived well and all the historical disadvantages including communism, secrecy or stand in authentic values and defining features of “Russian Soul”.

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  • prospector68 on Sep 8, 2010

    Good Article! And you are right, in many ways, and the US is falling apart from WITHIN. Even when I was young(long time ago)it was said we would go the way of the Roman Empire…decay from within, but nobody wanted to believe it.
    I understand the thing about the Russian Soul, as I have and know many Russian friends, past and present(even when it wasn’t popular to have Russian friends), but as far as DECADENCE, I think since the wall came down and things changed from the Cold war era, many Russians have ALSO fell victim to GREED. I think Greed is more of a HUMAN thing, instead of one country, system or idea…

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