Finding peace and enjoying the beauty around you.

The Freedom of a Road Trip

          I jump in my S.U.V. about 3:00 A.M. pumped with excitement and anticipation for the beauty of the day. I start with a specially made c.d. of my favorite and most inspirational songs and crank it to the max. The window is rolled down so I can inhale the fresh air and sing to the heavens. The steering wheel serves as the air drums and I’m on my way. Nothing is going to stop me now! I’m headed for a road trip along the Ohio River. I know I have a 3-4 hour drive to get to my destination, and I want to be at the mouth of the river when the sun comes up. I arrive just as the early morning dew presents a layer of mystical fog hovering above the river. The sun is absolutely breathtaking as it peaks beautifully above the horizon with its subtle hues of red and pink.

          I find the most awesome spot to stop and capture the beauty with my camera. When I first step out of my vehicle and stand at the site I want to photograph I first close my eyes and become one with the scene. I absorb my surroundings and become at total peace with what’s around me. With my eyes still closed I am “seeing” what’s in front of me. I “see” the landscape in color as it appears to my visual sense, but more importantly, I see it in Black and White as if I were printing it in my darkroom capturing the perfect gradation and tonality of shades.

           I let the layout of the scene melt into my inner being. Still standing with my eyes closed I “feel” the dew-covered spiky blades of grass as they await their first cut of the season. My body becomes calm and quiet as my senses take in all that there is to offer from this early morning brisk air. I hear the wonderful chirp of the baby bird as he waits for breakfast from his mom. I hear the distant traffic as the car’s tires make the swish across the still damply covered pavement. I hear the spirit of my playful soul as it plays tag with the wind and makes the leaves of the tall oak trees rustle. I “see” the water and feel its calming inward and outward current as its powerful ripples represent my own inward and outward breaths. My soul becomes even more at peace when it rides piggy back with the wind that traces the waves. It ripples out past the break wall and then onto the shore and splashes up high in the air and breaks free as if the wave could say “hey, look at me! I’m free! I’m free!” “Catch me if you can. Come play with me!”

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