Woody – woodpecker.

In the woods, there are trees.  From trees, man has found wood.  In no time, man realised its importance, and the eminent role played by timber in his life starts right from the early days of civilisation.


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Today, wood is still used as a source of fuel.  Some people did not adopt the new method of cooking food using a gas-oil stove but they continue cooking food over a glorious fire out of timber.  In cold countries, for example, Russia most of its inhabitants have cosy fireplaces which are kept ablaze with fiery flames in icy-cold nights as well as days.  Long ago, wood was also used as torches to give light on dark surroundings and tribes sent messages by the smoke of burning timber.

Another importance of wood is in the construction field.  Although there are now many alternative to wood, there are still houses made completely up of solid timber.  It is quite a beautiful fashion nowadays to have homes built of wood.  Some wooden granaries, sheds and even part of school building are seen.  Even when a house is going to be made of concrete, wood poles are then used as support in its construction.  Wood – which can float in water – is used in the making of boats; its oars, sail….  Wood, today, has had its importance increased as it is also used in the arts side, as ship models and others, wood is the cheapest and most resistant material at hand.


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The importance of wood has grown so much that wood is being imported from other abundant countries to manufacture furniture.  Wooden furniture includes usual things in daily life.  Things such as chairs, tables, armchairs are mainly of wood.  Cupboards, beds, railings, indoor gates made of wood are now becoming somewhat trendy.  Some types of cutlery are even wooden: wooden spoons, and chopping boards.

However, the field where wood is the one and only material required is that of paper.  Wood cannot be replaced by any other man-made material.  The wood obtained from trees is shredded into wood chips.  And the wood pulp obtained is manufactured to paper.  Wood also proves its importance as it is even used in the making of stationery like pencils, rulers….  Wood is in the production of matches not changeable either.  Matches used to light candles, ovens must only be made of wood.

And electric poles also can only be made of wood as it is the cheapest non-conductor of electricity available.  Wood flooring is now becoming common as it keeps heat and is also useful to persons allergic to marble.  Wood is therefore very important as it is used from the first stage of life – the cradle to the final one – on the wooden pyre.

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