In today’s world, life runs faster than light and faces problems. We being the future must rectify them and correct them for a better future of everyone and everything.

A new day, a new beginning, a new thought to ponder upon. Sometimes things just happen in such an unexpected way. Some things happen for a reason. The reason is always genuine and to be true very believing only if you want to accept them in all your senses. When difficult times come across your life, you tend to move from them, run from them, but I say go for it. I assure you that there is no happiness, relaxation or anything good coming out of it but also at the same time I can assure you that the experience you gain with that one bad situation is worth a million dollars.

In this era of 21st century where buildings are touching the sky and advancements are at its roll, where the world improves, the technology improves but we- The creators of all these materialistic worldly pleasures are detroiting day by day. The world in which we live is full of stress filled and load that one can’t bear. Since the ancient times our forefathers and ancestors have always suggested and recommended that your profession- the field of your excellence and your personal life go hand in hand. With stress and tension in either of your life either professional or personal one gets deviated and distracted from his duties, responsibilities and his target.

If only we could understand the value of our own life, we could always be better humans rather a better citizen in this society. It’s all because while taking any action or decision, the first thing we think about ourselves first instead of our loved ones. As a matter of fact, whenever we get hurt, the pain with which our loved ones suffer is much greater than pain with which we suffer. In order to act as a responsible and good member of any society we must think of what our actions can reveal about our impression over others.

In this run of life what matters is not the money and fame that u earn, what you earn is respect. Because money and fame can make you win over the slaves you may buy, but respect can win you people.

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