What my dogs mean to me.

In our small, overcrowded, yet cozy home, the term “dog lover” is an understatement. In addition to my loving husband and two beautiful children, I am welcomed home each day by three smiling, lovable, over-sized lap dogs: Shilah, Siku, and Dezzi.

Shilah, our mutt, has been a member of the family since shortly after our youngest child was born. She immediately took to the role of pillow and playmate to our children. A little on the anxious side, she is the protector of our family. She is never hesitant to let us know when anything (human, cat, wind, etc.) has breached her territory. After thorough inspection of all the windows in our home, she comes to report her findings with either a low, short, almost disappointed “ruff,” or her trademark “alert the authorities” filibuster. With Shilah at my side, even as the smallest of the three dogs, I am confident that any intruder would likely high-tail it out of range my barking chainsaw.

Despite his youth, Siku is the leader of our motley crew. He and his sister, Dezi, joined our family this past winter. They are Siberian Huskies who, if you did not know, have more personality of most humans. Siku has proven to be the ultimate scavenger. One man’s trash is another dog’s treasure. Anything we have forgotten about or thrown away, he will find and make use of. His bed is littered with soda box pillows and stuffed animals that now resemble dish rags. His days are spent playing, sleeping, scavenging, and being pampered by his harem.

Our final addition to the family, Dezi, was only supposed to be temporary boarder. It was obvious within days, that this playful, pouncing puppy would never leave our home. If only we had known her cute, innocent face was a cover for the most mischievous mind of the pack. We’ve lost countless shoes and kitchen utensils to the expansive palette of Dezi. She is, however, the only one that finds enjoyment in playing fetch. The others find it more entertaining to see humans chasing the ball.

Siku and Dezi jointly introduced Shilah to their favorite game, BITE. Brother and sister to the core, they are constantly fighting just to pass the time. BITE consists of biting, tugging, pulling, tackling and more biting. They all enjoy the rigor of the game, regardless of who is the champion. It has become a staple for the dogs. If they get out of hand they will always apologize to each other (before the start of the next round).

Our family would not be complete without the affections of these three smiling dogs. A fuzzy face is always there to comfort when we show even a hint of worry. If one of the kids is hurt, they are the first to kiss it better. When someone is late, they whine and wait for the doorknob to turn. Our lovable fuzzy children are constantly by our side and under our feet.

The pure love our dogs give so freely is incomprehensible. Their love is truly unconditional.

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