Remembering something almost forgotten, the story of driving into the rising sun and watching the world transform into the early morning. Leaving the shadows trapped in the night.

I can remember it all like it was yesterday, waking before the sun rose hoping to be the first to catch the bus before everyone got up and crowded the streets. Tiptoeing out of bed and across the cement floor, towards the bathroom. I and my family only had one bath and one toilet none of us seemed to notice that sometimes we got into each other’s way whenever we were busy getting on with the day. However, today was different, for one; I was the only one awake and no one had noticed me out of bed. The very idea of waking up early had never occurred to me in the many years I’d been alive. I had no idea that today was one of those days were you either noticed your surroundings and appreciated them or you were like my step sister who didn’t care much of the moment she’d been surrounded by and only clung to herself as the chilly morning bit into her bones. However I tried to tell myself that she was only doing that to get warm, I still couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was missing the point of the atmosphere she was around. 

While taking a shower none of those bubbling thoughts interfered with my desire to exist in the midst of nature at its best. A sunrise so beautiful it could melt your heart and make you desire to keep it forever within you. I ironed my uniform, cause then I was still in primary school – my last year among friends before we distanced ourselves and became careless teenagers, pressed my pleats and got dressed. This only took 30 minutes of my time and I enjoyed every second of it as I was the only one awake to bother or step in anyone’s way. from time to time my mind wandered to the sights of the previous day and dwelled upon the greatness and misery one event of pure excitement can go astray by the glance of your surroundings or the untimely display of the clock while still have the time of your life.

 As I packed my bags and got ready to leave the house, my step sister woke up to find me packed and ready to leave. For a moment in time I thought she was going to tell me to go to bed, but as the seconds went by I realized that she was not quite awake yet. When she asked was I was going in the middle of the night I told her that I was going to wait for the bus to arrive. You see when I said ‘before the sun rose’ I meant 6 am in the morning. It wasn’t natural for me to wake up this early in the day, I was more of a late sleeper and despised morning like the devil hated Jesus. I was not by any sleight of hand a good morning person, whenever someone called me up I just turned the other cheek and slept on, when they pulled my blankets of me I grabbed them back and covered my head and toes making it impossible for them to repeat that gesture. It always took me a while to get up in the morning, if ever I woke up too quickly the world would spin and I’d collapse back into bed and if I was left there I would crawl back under the covers and hope to catch 2 or 10 minutes more sleep.

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