A story about a teenage spy and his adventures.

              SPY JOURNAL

                   Part 1


    My name is John Destan, and this is my account of the past several days. I am writing this because I do not want to die without anyone knowing what has happened to me now, or in my past.

   Now you might think that this is weird, but at the moment I am preparing to walk into what might be a trap. If all goes well, then I will hopefully be one step closer to saving hundreds of lives. If everything goes wrong, then my death will be imminent. If this is the case, then my only hope is that whoever is reading this will take up my mission and finish it for me.

Hopefully this will all make sense once you finish my story. I also apologize if I contradict myself, or if my dates are wrong. So much has happened since then, and now, that I am bound to mess up a few times.

   Really quick before I move on, I feel as if I should give you a description of what I look like, so here I go. I have brown hair, green eyes, and am 5.10 feet tall. Currently I am 18, but I started spy school a year and a half ago, when I was 17.


This is what our Spy camp was like, but I doubt I will ever think of it the same again.

   In each cabin, there are 6 people, we normally work with each other, but sometimes we actually split into two teams, and face each other. Throughout the whole camp I would guess that there about 75 cabins, each with six S.I.T.’s, or Spies In Training.

   There are also three big buildings that we do drill missions in. Of these, my favorite is spy capture the flag. The game goes on until someone steals the flag, and brings it back, like normal capture the flag. Since all of the S.I.T.’s play, our games last two to three days, nonstop.

    We also do surprise missions every couple of weeks, they test your skills to the limit. Other times we get assigned to P.P.M., or Personal Practice Missions, some of which are secret, so nobody else can know about it. This can mean that we are sometimes in two missions at once.

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