Just some more thoughts I have.

Why do some people stop for green lights?

Then they don’t use their turn signal while turning a corner and they go so slow around the corner.

I think a turtle could go faster than them.

They also switch lanes without looking.

They talk on the phone or text and drive at the same time they act like they have their head up their ass.

They act like everybody is supposed to bow down to them but we are not so get a dose of quick reality.

Nobody gives a shit about what you do.

I think if you don’t know how to drive you should stay off the road.

If you don’t have any insurance you should stay off the road.

Or if you don’t have a license you should stay off the road.

So let’s get off the subject for a little while I think they should make a banana Four Loko.

I think that would be pretty good.

I also think Oklahoma should pass that law where they have 6 point beer and wine and alcohol sold in the regular stores like some states do.

We call this state the Bible belt but we have alot of hypocrites here.

We also have alot of nice people here too.

We also have a damn lot of rednecks here in that case I really don’t like.

Although some rednecks are alright!

I’m just me I’m not trying to be anybody but me.

If you don’t like me that’s good if you do like me that’s good.

I’m getting tired of politics.

I wish this election shit was over.

Who cares who wins they are not going to a damn thing for the people all they care about is themselves and they’ll say anything to get you to believe them and vote for them.

It’s going to be difficult to repeal Obamacare and who would want to.

We might as well just leave it alone.

I do think people need to get over the birth certificate issue people need to just let it be he’s a fucking citizen for crying out loud.

I swear some people are sore losers.

They can’t just blend in.

They can’t just compromise.

They have to have it their way or the highway but let me tell you what you are going to have to suffer because nothing is changing.

We need some good changes.

We also need to realize that this ain’t heaven we have to endure hardships.

Everybody wants the easy way out.

We all are stressed out.

Just read the Bible and pray it’ll make you feel better.

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  • Martin Kloess on Jul 20, 2012

    Well written – thank you. And thank you for your support.

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