Nearly all men make mistakes its in our nature. It might be something as simple as forgetting to buy a birthday card for your wife’s birthday, or forgetting to buy a card on Valentines day, or when you do remember you buy the wrong type of card, or forget to mail it if you are away. I cannot be the only-one, other men must do this, or is it in-fact just me. It would be great if some of you men out there share your own misfortunes. See if you can top mine. Please remember after 30 years of marriage I am still reminded of it. Make me feel better.

My dismal story is below for all:

Many years ago while living just outside Montreal Canada I thought I would do something special for my wife on her birthday. I spent a few weeks thinking of all the best places we had gone when we first met. When the day of her birthday arrived feeling I had all the plans in place I presented my wife with a card and we set off for Montreal.

Our first stop was a large German Beer Garden called the View Munich. (this is where I had first met my wife) Once seated at the table I had booked we proceeded to sample the fine German food and beer and danced to the large Bavarian band, just like we had that first week over 30 years ago. My wife was very happy and thanked me for organizing such a romantic interlude. Oh it’s not finished yet, we have four more places to visit yet let’s go. I should have stopped while I was ahead but after all I am a man nothing can be that simple.

As you can see the night started well but something was wrong very wrong but remember I am a man, nothing could be wrong so we continued on our merry way. As the night progressed my wife became more and more irritable but like any man I just went with the flow thinking she would come around later.                                                                                                                                                                         Finally we arrived at our final destination a beautiful roof top garden in the middle of downtown Montreal. It was a gorgeous warm night and we sat there reminiscing and drinking our wine. I’d done it I thought what a night, a night she would always remember. Well she would but for all the wrong reasons.                                                                                                                                                          Suddenly and very quietly my wife uttered these immortal words. ‘Steve I don’t know who you were with when you visited these places but it wasn’t me shall we go home.                                                                                 Thirty years later I am still reminded and thirty years later I still remember.

There must be someone out there who has done something similar I can’t be the only one.
Have a great day

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  • sabanawaz on May 29, 2012

    Voted up and awesome! Beautiful piece.” Moments may not last but your memories will always be there to allow you to go back to those precious moments. It also becomes more precious if those memories are shared.

  • Philippa Mingins on May 29, 2012

    Oh heck

  • Chris Bailie on Jun 18, 2012

    You should have just said, “It’s the thought that counts!”

    I once went out with a girl called Laura, when I was in the R.A.F. her Dad was a Wing Commander at the time. The first time I went around to her parents’ house, I had to take my shoes off before I went in, as they had nice carpets.

    Low and behold I only had a hole in my sock, over one of my toes, can you believe that? They were fine when I put them on! Sitting there, (her Dad knew I was in the R.A.F.), with a hole in my sock, what a pauper…….

    Thank you for sharing, Best Wishes, Chris.

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