When she’s gone, it’s all you wish you had’ve done.

Image by Zack Sheppard via Flickr

i met this girl
just I’m not sure that she wants me
either that or she doesn’t know
that I want her so bad
that she’d never believe

I should’ve kissed her lips
to see one more smile
I should’ve placed my arms around her
and held her close for a while
I let her slip from my grasp
and I don’t know why
she turned around and gave me
one last sad look of goodbye
Then she was gone…
I should’ve shouted at her to wait
Then she was gone…
I should’ve told her that I only needed one more minute of her day
Then she was gone…
instead I just sat and watched her go
—I didn’t tell her what she needed to know…

I’m praying that I’ll get the chance
to talk to her again
what am I saying?
Don’t even know her last name
I keep dreaming about her
wake up screaming her name
If we met again I’d make it better
but I can’t see how everything will be the same


I wish I could lift her eyes above
what she can already see
she’ll understand then it’s more than love
that she’ll recieve from me
it’d be great to have another chance
even if it’s one last dance
to hold her, to touch her
to show her I’m there
to make her, see that
loves all that we’ll share
if she’ll give me the chance then
I’ll make her life free of care
but she’ll never know…
cause she chose to go…


Liked it
  • art4life on Jul 14, 2010

    hey this is good!
    how do you come up with this stuff

  • art4life on Jul 14, 2010

    hey this is really good

  • art4life on Jul 14, 2010

    good job.

  • myusualsuspectme on Jul 15, 2010

    this is phenominal!

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