A list of things I never understood.

In my life there are a list of different things for which I have never understood

1. Why the constant need for people in TV and real life to look for romantic relationships? I have never desired someone or wanted someone to love. I am fine with being alone or having just friends with me

2. Why the constant want for kids and having kids? I hate kids and would hate to have children. Also I don’t get why people need to make a child with their DNA, there are plenty of kids that would love to be adopted.

3. Why the urge in our culture to not be a virgin? I am fine with the idea of being a virgin for the rest of my life. Also on TV shows were people want to lose their virginity, why don’t they just get a prostitute so they can lose it?

4. Why the constant need for sex, I don’t free a desire for sex and this confuses me as to why people want sex so bad

5. Why do people seem to want to be married? I find it odd that people seem so obsessed with marrying. I’d prefer to be alone

6. How can people be so unclean? A lot of people I have met lack basic hygienic skills, it’s a wonder we aren’t all dead from disease

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  • britwalkz on Apr 19, 2011

    Good article, some things I have wondered myself. Also, people look for romantic relationship to kind of, fill a void, people need love, it’s just a part of being human. Good luck and good writing.

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