Perspective of looking towards anything can change their meaning entirely. We can call a glass- half filled or half empty, both mean the same. But yet mean a lot different:)A positive approach of thinking can add life, back to your living. I have shared some of my personal experiences, after making slight changes in my thinking pattern in this article.

                             Currently my life is not as smooth as butter. I was feeling quite low, thinking about my unfulfilled dreams. But then an experienced person said to me that at least I have scope to dream. A person can dream when he/she is free from worries of basic necessity. I don’t have to care about food, clothes or house. I have it. Besides that I don’t just exist, I live my life. I have experienced many beautiful phases of it. I have my own thoughts, opinions which matter.

                         I have a completely healthy life. I have two eyes to see this world. I have two ears to listen music, words and various sounds. I have a brain to think. Hands to work. Legs to run. A beautiful smile and a lively personality that makes that smile beautiful and different. My perspective made me feel unlucky. But their perspective gave me so many reasons to feel so lucky. Both these aspects describe the same person- me.  We can call a glass- half filled or half empty, both mean the same. But yet mean a lot different:)

                    I remembered, when I was 14 years old- I was really short tempered. Little stuffs would upset me like hell. Then I used to go to meet any old friend, take her to eat some tasty Indian junk. This meeting used to give me an opportunity- to cherish good old days, hot gossips;),spicy bhel and would completely transform my mood. I guess it’s a great tip, try it. It turned my wheel of fortune.

                     If friends are the cause of your trouble- try one bowl hot Maggie noodles and put on your ear-phones. Listen to your most loved rocking songs. Don’t discuss your problems with anyone. This will help you divert your thoughts. Then turn your attention to stuffs you love to do. Draw, dance, go on a ride or the best tip- spend your time playing with kids. Kids are super sweet, innocent and always fun. Their ridiculous talks, unending energy will definitely help you.

                  In the end, I will just like to say- you are really lucky. I know at times life becomes complicated but at least you don’t have to struggle for everything. If you count the no. of things or people you have, I am sure your list will anytime cross the list of your don’ts.

                A little change in your thinking pattern can change your life. Hope you will live your life fullest. Attitude of gratitude is the key to it, try it. Anu :)

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