I wanted to start to pay more attention to what I am reading online so I decided to experiment and kept track of the online stories I read for this week.

I wanted to start to pay more attention to what I am reading online so I decided to experiment and kept track of the online stories I read for this week. For me this was a slow reading week which did not start at the beginning of the week because both myself and my computer had come down with viruses and needed a little extra recovery time. Still, I did get online to do some reading and this week offered closure for two separate occurrences.

First, in Canada, the election has happened and Harper still remains. However there have been some other changes such as Jack Layton becoming the new leader of the opposition. Lets see where this change will lead Canada.

Ignatieff feels that he did not meet enough Canadians before the election, perhaps he should have made it more of a priority. In the past he has degraded Canada and now he worries that his defeat is because he did not meet enough Canadians before the election. He had the same amount of time as any other candidate. So what happened? Why did you not make the time to meet more Canadians?

In the second occurrence, we had the death of Bin Laden early this week which brought some closure from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

On the lighter side, William and Kate get back to a normal routine after their royal wedding last week.

Included in reading from the lighter side is a video on a hotel room made entirely from chocolate. This room was designed by Karl Lagerfeld

What week of reading would be complete without a walk on the entertainment side. In celebrity news Shania Twain is launching a new memoir titled “ From This Moment On” . In her book Shania speaks about her childhood growing up in an abusive home, as well as, her husbands infidelity with her best friend, just to name some of the topics covered in this memoir. I have mentioned to my husband that I would love to read this book (hint hint, possible anniversary gift idea).

to promote a new type of ice cream bar.

So this is the list of online stories I read for this week. It seemed like quite an interesting experiment which I may try again for next week. Hopefully I will be able to get in a complete week of online reading and really surprise myself at the amount of time I spend online reading.








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  • Guy Hogan on May 7, 2011

    I do read news but I really miss reading fiction. I use to read a lot of fiction. Now that I am an online writer I read very little fiction.

  • yes me on May 7, 2011

    I like to keep up with far too much, me thinks, I like you have just lived through an election, I puff my chest out when I say that, as I was on the winning side… hope your experiment goes the way you wish it cheers

  • Christine Ramsay on May 7, 2011

    An eventful week in the news. I’m glad you got the time to fit your reading in and were able to write about it as well.

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