It’s a painful situation either way…dying too young or living to be too old. Yet this is not meant to be a dismal article but one of hope, understanding and encouragement.

It’s a painful situation either way…dying too young or living to be too old. Yet this is not meant to be a dismal article…but one of hope, understanding and encouragement.

A theme during the Romantic Era of literature and music was built around a beautiful heroine or handsome hero, dying young. The most classic literature example is

Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. An equally classic example in the field of music is Shubert’s “The Earl King”.

What is it about audiences then and now that seem hooked on sadness? Real life isn’t that way at all.

When Death Comes Too Soon

Anyone who has had a family member or friend die young knows the real pain and sorrow of this tragedy; The grief seems heavier and harder to bear than if it would have been the death of a person who had lived a full life and were well advanced in years. Somehow, the death of a child, teen, young adult seem unfair to us.

The summer following my high school graduation, I received news that a classmate had died from a heart condition. I was totally unaware this beautiful girl even had a heart condition. Perhaps it was never diagnosed; she was the picture of vitality. The news was shocking; the feeling was bleak and as cold as winter frost.

About twenty years later, my sister called to tell me one of my nephew’s closest friends had been killed in a motorcycle accident. He was a young man in his early twenties, who had just been discharged from military duty and was starting to get his civilian life together.

Stunted my memory began to replay the earlier years of this young man’s life. I could see his broad smile; almost hear the lilt in his voice as he dispersed with some silly joke just to make you laugh. The childhood years, and the many parties my niece and nephew shared with this boy and his two sisters seem as if these were only yesterday. I felt as if I had been hit by a hammer, my heart felt cold and shattered as if a part of me died: And it had.

Death tends to diminish each of us.

These are two examples of two wonderful people who were too young to die. There are countless numbers of children, teens, young adults who have died from everything from undiagnosed health conditions to being the victims of gang violence.

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