Being honest and truthfl is always a better option then to lie.

In this high tech and pretentious world everyone is so busy pretending to be someone else that a many have already forgotten who they really are.

With every moment passing by you gain something and you lose something. When with every little gain you have smile then why not a sigh of sadness with what you have lost. When you have time to think about what you lost then why not the question “Why did I lose it?,” at the first place, well the answer lies within you. Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself if not anyone else. Just ask yourself what you want. Now let us be honest, how many times in a day are we honest with ourselves. A guy who truly likes some girl will flirt with very other single girl out there just to make himself convinced that he is not scared of confessing his true feelings, a middle aged man will come home half dead from his work but will not admit that he does not do what he likes, a person who has made mistakes knows he is wrong but won’t accept his mistake. So the only question to every such person out there is Why?

Being afraid to be honest is worse than the agony of losing something or someone with a honest truth. When you lie, to hide that lie you lie again and again and at a point of saturation after which your conscious doesn’t allow you to lie anymore and you feel guilty. But on the other hand if you are just truthful the worse it could be that the other person might feel bad but at some stage it definitely occurs to that person that you could have lied easily but you did not. Now that makes you even more a good person than they thought you were earlier.  

As a matter of fact if someone believes the lie you told them, it is not because you are a good liar but it is because the other person trusts you so much that they did not bother to confirm what you told them. And nothing is more sinful than breaking someone’s trust and disrespecting them.

If one could follow what their heart says and be honest and truthful with what they really want and what they want to do, I promise there will remain no issue to solve.

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