Tips on what you can do with your left over Gourds.

               If your a partly creative person and you don’t know what to do with those left over Gourds from the fall time or you just have some you got for a gift. Or you just want to learn a new thing you can do other than using Gourds to cook with. Well regardless of what the reason is here is a great idea you can do with those wanted or unwanted Gourds. Here is a way to make those Gourds into bird feeders.Cut a Gourd or Squash in half and drill four equidstant holes in the sides. Push dowels through the holes to create perches for the birds. Use wire to hand the gourd from a fence or tree. Add bird feed and you will be having guest over in no time. You can also just cut a hole in the front and the back of the gourd and take out the part where you cut and decorate the feeder with paint or a drawing and use wire to hang it up in a tree. Here is a few picutures of some examples of gourd bird feeder.

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