This is the second item in the challenges I faced on giving up smoking and then going through CABG surgery for a quadruple heart bypass and the pleasure of contracting MRSA as a bonus,fortunately I am here to relive it all. Some may critisise the grammar within the item but this was written , as far as possible, in real time, as it was happening before ,during and after as a nurse and a patient

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What made me give up smoking

I do not know myself

It must have been the thought

of deteriorating health.


Since I ceased to smoke the weed

I cant say that it helped

as since the time I finish

I’ve  not been feeling well


I went to see my doctor

who, said “asthma you do have

just try these  two inhalers

and it should not be too bad.”


At times the breathing’s pretty bad

just ask my friends at work

so I went and had a chest x-ray

but that showed all was clear


So now we need the think again

of what could be going wrong

for there was nothing showing up

around my heart or lungs,


Back to the doctor I did go

to see if he could help

with the breathing problems

and the pains as well


So he gave me G.T.N.

in the form of a spray

“try this” he said and then told me

“come back another day”


But thing did not get better

but slowly getting worse

so I had an ECG done

by the girl at work


Well now we are getting some where

for the ECG it showed

Ischeamic changes to the heart

but they could be old


S -T depression it did show

which isn’t really good,

so “ go and see you doctor

as quickly as you could”

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