Unusual names are becoming more commonplace nowadays. One of them for girls is Asia.

If you have never heard of Asia as the name given to a girl, you surely have not been around a lot.

I am not talking about using the name in honor of the continent Asia, although that is a rather appealing suggestion, at least to this author. Frankly, the name is appealing to me since my youngest son and his wife named their second daughter Anastasia, the name of the possible survivor of the Russian Czar’s family.

I can’t say for sure that it is true, but the Koran says that the wife of the Pharaoh in the times of Moses was named Asia. That makes the name an old one rather than a novel name from the twenty-first century. Muhammad’s favorite wife was also named Asia. He considered her one the four “perfect” women in the world.

The derivation of the name Asia is not clear. It could be from the Greek word meaning “sunrise”. It could also be from the Assyrian word “asu” which refers to the east.

There are various ways of spelling the name that we pronounce as Asia. They include Azia, Asya, Asiah and Asyah. All of these could be pronounced the same as the continent Asia.

It seems that the name Asia or any of its variant spellings is given only to girls. Maybe I should do a study on “Europe”?

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  • cplumley08 on Aug 12, 2008

    I once knew a strawberry.

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