The similarities and differences between me and Angelina Jolie?

            When judging others, people tend to automatically notice and identify all the difference and similarities. Looking at differences can shift people away from each other, but difference can also help one to reveal their true identity and personality. Similarities, on the other hand, show others that even though there may be many differences, a commonality between two people can always bring them closer together. It is evident that people are most likely to compare themselves to famous celebrities or historical figures because it is most difficult to find similarities among these groups of people. When identifying my similarities and differences with Angelina Jolie, a famous actress known since the early 1990s, I have encountered my true personality and saw that through all the differences, I am also similar to Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie and I both share the same interest in helping and volunteering in the community; however, our childhood and teenage years are immensely different, as are our career choices.

            One significant aspect of Angelina Jolie’s life and my life that is similar is the volunteering work we have done and our interest in it. Throughout my teenage life, I have been involved in many organizations that help the community. I have been going to Key Club since my freshmen year in high school. This club is organized especially for high school students who want to do community service. Through this club, I have helped out at the local senior citizen home and helped in fundraisers for less fortunate children. In addition to participating in Key Club, I am also an active member of the Erase Club and I am treasurer. This club has helped eliminate racism and sexism throughout the community. Through this club, I have helped collect money and supplies for the local Battered Women shelter and attended a diversity meeting to help the community become more aware of the racism and sexism accumulating throughout the world. Both of these clubs have supported me to pursue my interests in aiding the community. My involvement in the community is also evident through my volunteering work outside the school. For two years I have been volunteering at the Morristown Memorial Hospital as a courier. My responsibility is to deliver flowers, collect lab specimens and run everyday errands in the hospital. Through these responsibilities, I have helped patients have an easier time at the hospital by attending to all of their needs. I am also planning to not just help the local community, but to help out in different countries. Over the summer my cousins and I are planning to attend a medical program that travels to South Africa for two weeks to help in a hospital. Overall, I can always express the importance in helping through volunteering.

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  • Chantal on Aug 30, 2010

    Mu Similarities whit angelina are we have the both same teenage life the difference is nothing really because i still have to life the rest of my life

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