The similarities and differences between me and Angelina Jolie?

              After evaluating my interests in volunteering, it is also evident that Angelina Jolie holds the same interest in volunteering as is shown through her humanitarian work. Jolie’s interest in volunteering was not only limited to her community, but to other countries as well. When visiting Cambodia to shoot the movie Tomb Raider, she noticed the poor conditions in the country and became interested in helping the world. She joined the United Nations Refugee Agency and immediately started to visit different refugee camps. In just her first year as a volunteer in the UN, Jolie donated about one-million dollars to Afghan refugees. In response to her great work as a member of the United Nations Refugee Agency, Jolie was given a position as a Goodwill Ambassador on August 27, 2001. After becoming an ambassador, she continued to visit more refugees and internally displaced people. Jolie wanted to gain more awareness in the US about the refugee camps and helped make the World Refugee Day more significant and important to people in America (“Celebrity”). In addition to donating her money and time to help the world, Jolie has managed to adopt three children through all of these visits to refugee camps and third world countries. In 2002, Jolie adopted a child from Cambodia, named Maddox, who was an orphan in Battambang. Within four after she adopted Maddox, Jolie adopted a child from Ethiopia, named Zahara, who was orphaned by AIDS. In addition, she adopted an abandoned boy, named Pax, from Vietnam (“Biography”). Adopting children has shown Jolie’s will to help the world and the less fortunate children by accepting some of children as her own and taking responsibility for them. Even though she has adopted only three of the millions of children that are in orphanages, Jolie has helped the community take a few steps at a time to help poor people all around the world. Overall, all of these aspects of volunteering in both my life and Jolie’s life show our similar interests.

            Although we may share some similarities, Angelina Jolie and I are also different with respect to our childhood and teenage years, for my life has always been open to optimistic attitudes. As a child, I was provided with a sufficient amount of attention and need. My parents were immigrants in the United States and managed to give my siblings and me a healthy and suitable childhood. As a child, I always had a good relationship with my family, especially my parents. Both of my parents were an important part of my life when I was growing up. Once I got older and started to attend school, I learned that I had an easy time making friends and being social with other children. Although I may have been shy, I never isolated myself from others. To keep myself social and connected with individuals my age, I participated in many different school and town activities. I played soccer for seven years, I play tennis for the high school team, I have been going to dance for seven years, and I also participate in many different clubs. Because my parents taught me how to be disciplined at a young age, I was never a troublemaker in both my childhood and teenage years. I tended to listen and do as I was told. I was also known as a very optimistic child and I always tried to make the best out of a bad situation. My teenage life is also very optimistic. Although at times I do lower my self-esteem, it has never affected me so much that I went through depression or opted to do something dangerous to myself thinking it was the best way for me to handle my situation, such as cutting, suicide, drugs, or drinking alcohol. I tend to rely on my friends and family when I need advice or help. Furthermore, I have many different interests that have helped me to enjoy life, such as dancing, playing sports, science, my interest in becoming a doctor, and participating in clubs. Overall, my teenage years and childhood reflect that my life has been beneficial for me to develop a positive attitude.

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  • Chantal on Aug 30, 2010

    Mu Similarities whit angelina are we have the both same teenage life the difference is nothing really because i still have to life the rest of my life

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