What actually happens in a second? Well, you may be not interested but I came across some interesting statistics on the internet.Here are them.

1) In every second, 1000 barrels of petroleum are used worldwide. The price of the petroleum adds up to USD 130,000. (USD 130 x 1000) and that is enough to power a car for years!

2) In every second, 4 babies are born worldwide. This number adds up to almost 260 thousand a day. What an astonishing statistic!

3) In every second, 9000 animals are slaughtered. This adds up to more than 400 tonnes, and they are worth more than 0.5 milion in market price!

4) In every second, 100 thousand people log into the internet, which adds up to milions a day!

5)In every second, 2 people died of diseases. In a day, that adds up to 180 thousand!

6) In every second, 1 milion litres of water is consumpted every second, not including the amount of water used for domestic and industry purposes!

7)In every second, the amount of  trade made worldwide is about 97 milion USD. That much of money can be used to purchase  thousands kilogrammes of pure gold.

8) In every second, 10 miles of our forest are cut down for agriculture and farming purposes. In a year, that amount equals to the land area of the following nations: England, Scotland and Wales.

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  • tate on Jan 12, 2011

    i think these facts are slightly over exaturated … you need to check your math as well because number 5 is only half of number 2 if number 5 was correct the number 360 thousand should be number two and if number 2 is correct then number 5 should be 130 thousand your obviously not a mathamatcian but have a splended day

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