Heart cannot be defined by means of one settled definition. It is considered differently by different people. Here are some of my feelings and views about heart.

Heart cannot be considered only as the biological pumping organ. It is a whole house, which has its own residents. Every heart has different residents and the residents make it an enchanting and loving spot for people. People wish to reside in it because of its vastness and immensity. It is not immense in its physical structure but in spiritual terms. It is capacious, as it allows not one or two but many people in it.

The heart has four chambers, which are divided according to its residents. One chamber is for the family and friends of a person, second chamber is for humankind as a whole, third chamber is for animals and plants and the fourth and last chamber is for the world, for nature, for the beauty created by God in this world. A person can always remain healthy and vigorous if he takes care of all the residents of the chambers of heart. When a person takes care of all the residents of his heart, in return, he gets happiness, comfort and satisfaction, all of which are immensely important for healthy survival of a being.

Heart is a piece of flesh. It is muscular, however, it is not bonny, due to which, it creates no hindrance for the entrants of the heart. Because of its softness, it allows everyone to enter in it with ease and supportiveness. The chambers of the heart have fleshy doors that are so soft that they never prove themselves problematic for the entrants. They welcome all with all their softness and gentleness.

Heart has a network of relations that are interconnected to one another. All the residents of the four chambers share similar values of love and harmony and are interconnected to one another by means of a network of love veins and welcoming arteries. There are so many residents of the heart, which indicate towards the vastness of the heart.

Heart acts like a precious glass, which after being broken is shattered into a hundred pieces, which can never be assembled and put back into their original position. Therefore, much care and concern is required in order to safeguard the heart from breaking and being hurt. Always remember that heart is not only a pumping organ but a whole house that needs to remain intact in order to survive.

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  • Maryam Iqbal on Mar 16, 2009

    Dear readers,

    Being the author of this post, I will really appreciate comments from your side. Happy wishes to you all.

    Maryam Iqbal

  • Sajid on Mar 20, 2009

    It is superb writing. Keep on writing.

  • Rina Rashid on Mar 25, 2009

    The very structure of heart as described in this article shows its fragility. Fleshy doors allow in people easily but when even a single dweller of this once strong house abandons it serious damage is caused .the very walls are shaken. So serious care must be taken while dealing with the owner of this house as its very tenderness makes it vulnerable.

    Good luck

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