What would have happened if Hitler succeeded in taking over the world.

If Hitler would have won World War II then we would have been saying “Heil Hitler.”

If he would have won that means he would have successfully taken over the whole world. The Axis powers would have taken over the world and made it their playground. Half the population would have probably been killed to make a pure aryan race.

Hitler would have probably turned on the Japanese and take over all of Asia and the United States. Germany would be a vast empire. But it would have been too big to manage and probably would have been broken up really easily. The American people would not have let Hitler in easy either.

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  • Ralph Brandt on Apr 26, 2007

    Take a look at the novel WW2 by Ralph Brandt that is here. It covers something similar to this…

  • O.o on Apr 30, 2007

    This is a ridicoulus vision, based on allied propaganda.
    it was never hitlers plan to take over the whole world. he just wanted europe to be united by ,,germania” and make germany a global superpower like the USA are and the soviet union was ,during the cold war.

  • chloe on Sep 26, 2007

    why is hitler so mean

  • ingalls20 on Nov 9, 2007

    Actually, Hitler did pretty much plan on taking over the world. In 1928, Hitler went on to write a second book in which he expanded upon these ideas and suggested that around 1980, a final struggle would take place for world domination between the United States and the combined forces of Greater Germany and the British Empire

  • rich on Dec 22, 2007

    What a load of hash. Hitler didnt want to take over the world he only wanted to conquer Russia and make sure every yid was dead

  • Joe Davis on Jul 18, 2008

    Hitler did plan to take over the united states. He thought his people would rule the earth for 1000 years. He had a educational plan set up to train the young to manage the americas. Please rent the Ken Burns movie series called ( THE WAR ). The GI’s tell there stories of the war how they talked to captive soldiers and found out hitlers plan. Thank GOD for the yanks who savid our nation and the world.

    Bis Morgen

  • Callum on Jul 25, 2008

    Your missing out a lot of other countries y’know.
    The Allies And Axis Involved In WW2 Aren’t All The Countries In The
    World, There’s Still Like 90 More. But It Could’ve Been Possible I Guess.

  • t holt on Aug 5, 2008

    Hitler didnt want to take over the whole world. In fact the very people Hitler wasnt interested in taking over were the very people he was at war with. Hitler respected the Anglo saxon world from a racial point of view i.e England, America, Australia, new zealand, canada, south Africa, Rhodesia and the rest of the civilized world that descends from the green an pleasant land of Britain. I do think that he would of destroyed every Russian, Jew, African, Asian etc throughout the world. The anglo saxon world rallied together to protect the world from the nazis. UP THE ALLIES.

  • Anna Kreutz on Aug 15, 2008

    Gawd, don’t be so high on yourselves, you distastefully, ignorantly-proud Americans – the USA did NOT win the war OR save the world – do you REALLY think this?

    The US sat on their asses while your Northern neighbours used up every resource available to help Britain — the ENTIRETY of WWI and WWII.

    Every american-glorified WWII success story is a CANADIAN rip-off, contorted to suit the propaganda that STILL, to this very day, rules and governs your every thoughts and existence.

    The USA’s texts have completely omitted any mention or granted a single credit to Canadians, who were there softening up resistance so american forces could just stroll through and ’save the day’ after the fact, and in the last year when The Reiche was already internally split. But hey, making light of fabricated success through Hollywood antics is what the USA is all about!

  • Chris Pateman on Aug 19, 2008

    I agree with anna america if not attacked by japan wouldn’t of entered the battlefield ….

    But at the end of the day i personaly feel that WWII ended like any over war …. in the way that many men died in vain for a future generation that didnt care for the loses of the ones before them.

    Plus after WWII the former empires of the european countries fell and countries in africa started to rule them selfs and dont we see the by product of that every over day on the news when children are dieing of hunger, disease and poverty the worst part is that the natives hate there former rulers and drive them out from there lands and therefor lowering there bussiness and the workable jobs around and countries braking out in civil war….

    Maybe if hitler won the war the world mite be abit better a no torlerance to crime no nanny states and no more socal break down between races … also no one would be walking on egg shells when they talk to a black, spainish or any other race … because hitler lost the white race has changed from being the bully and became the bullied and a united europe as one country would be rather goood europe shows is scares from 1000’s of year of wars over lands and rights a single country of europe would be very powerful

    at the end of the day WWII was a main example of greed and power if germany didnt start upset the soviets would have…….

    Writen by Brit living in England wanting to move to canadan

  • PrimaryMaster on Dec 5, 2008

    I know the holocaust is painful for many and i really do feel for them but lately i’ve been thinking about the suffering of Muslim states, countries under invasion. The big middle east project and blood sucking Zionists. I started to believe that if Hitler had been successful in terminating all the Jews, today there wouldn’t be a war in Palastine and in many other places.

    Having many Jew friends i still think the world would be better off without them and their stupid utopias. They do more harm than good. Maybe they are taking revenge but why take revenge from people who haven’t caused you any pain and leave the ones who did?

  • Marco Adriano on Dec 7, 2008

    I agree with primary Master…….the jews (they’re like CANCER),
    the germans did it…why do the palestinians have to pay for it ?

  • yeahhhh on Dec 30, 2008

    Even if hitler took over europe and asia he wouldnt be able to keep people would revolt and if he died there would be a big power struggle and the empire would be broken of into smaller parts the same thing happend with Alexander the great.

  • meyer on Jan 8, 2009

    Dont be bloody ridiculous #12 by Marco Adriano, Dec 7, 2008 and #11 by PrimaryMaster, Dec 5, 2008!!! You are racist ***** and the jews hav dun nothing wrong!!! There will always be wars, and jews hav nuthing to do with them.

  • jm on May 8, 2009


  • Jemel on May 22, 2009

    We are often cruel to the white man. But we have to thank our WW2 veterans, who are predominately white, North American/British people, for protecting us and destroying the Nazis/Axis.. Hitler .. Otherwise, if you were of any other race (other than Japanese for a short while!) would be absolutely destroyed from the face of this planet. Which would be sad!

  • Howard on May 25, 2009

    Would the world today be a better place if he won??? The evil stuff was bad but there is loads of evil in the world today.

  • King on Aug 16, 2009

    LOL @ Anna your account on the war is at least somewhat entertaining but highly inaccurate for one if the U.S had not entered the war the globe would look alot different now so in those regards i look at it as the u.s winning the war. I will say though you are right about canada not getting enough credit they were the only ones to complete all objectives during d-day other then that they were mostly support providing air strikes and supplies and such then direct combat but softening up axis forces is just funny and upsurd. 42,789 candians died during the war which is drastically lower then the 406,000 servicemen the u.s lost which tells me they didnt do nearly as much fighting

  • Leonardo da Vinci E. on Aug 26, 2009

    Hitler was not so great. Its easy to lead in a dictatorship, but you must be talented to lead in a democracy while preserving its freedoms……I find it difficult to believe there are people in the world today willing to hate all Jews for the bad decisions of a few…but I’ve witnessed it on this connection. If Hitler had won the war we would have had world wide slavery.

  • dsc on Nov 13, 2009

    Did a child write this?

  • Joseph Samuel Langford on Jan 2, 2010

    This world has always had worldwide slavery since the beginning of commerce.Poverty is the Master. Wasn’t that why the Germans{The impoverished, under educated working class} so taken in mind and spirit to devote themselves to Hitler’s Ideology which led to the hatred of Jews {The elite and rich class who themselves enjoyed lavish lifestyles that hungry German working class people were made conscious to envy and take action based upon that envy by Hitler? Also, if Hitler had won, whether that meant Global domination or just a superior European footing, it is not too far a stretch of the imagination to realize that the Japanese would have turned on him regardless, so today we would probably all be speaking Japanese..it’s not uncommon to see racism even in Japanese real estate transactions{ if they sell to anyone but themselves they would be ostracized, years back our own farmland was being bought by Japanese for Government subsidy money but they would not grow anything on it..On quite another note the way we are at civil war now is the use of Information {that is the name for the charging instrument used to accuse one of a Felony crime} as an alternative to the proper and US Fifth Amendment use of Indictment by a Grand Jury simply put it is the difference in whether someone can go to prison based on speculation and finger pointing and the sole decision of a prosecutor who swears out his own witness statement as opposed to a group of pears who decide a crime has been committed, themselves reviewing evidence and voting the same to be of the gravity of felony. The use of Information is the fuel and engine to the growth of prisons which are used for the purpose of economic prosperity…one big problem is at worse the prisoners are innocent and at best for the most part guilty of only Misdemeanors and or convicted by plea bargain based on the fact of a criminal history of previous Felonies also originating only from Informations. The case to study is Hurtado v People of California 110 us 516, 538…Lastly please note that slavery is legal in this Country the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution permits it upon those duly convicted but the Framers of the Constitution did not realize that the Fifth Amendment Grand Jury provision would be replaced by a resurrected Court of Star Chamber {English Court abolished in 1641A.D. for its many abuses}
    the reason I call it Civil War is because More than half of the States use this perverted form of Justice while the other half and the Federal Government require a person to knowingly relinquish their Fifth Amendment Immunity to this bizarre form of Felony accusation/Charging document.The financial benefit to overcrowding a jail with persons who are misdemeanants is to make the State Taxpayer & Federal Government pay Counties in a given State for housing their offenders as opposed to it coming out of the local County budgets{Scam run by local Government on the State Government to steal Money from the State Budgets}
    This is but a silent and powerful inroad to destroy Our U.S.Constitution…Obviously if Hitler had won he would have either used it for toilet paper or burned it and the prisoners that I am referring to in the Prison States benefiting from false conviction slavery would in his version of the world be in alot worse shape..

  • Paul on Jan 8, 2010

    Actualy the end result of hitler winning would have been total nuclear winter.

    People wont put up with hitler like control by the state (whether via socialism or nazism or similar).

    If Islam wins in the end that means the end of the world for real.

    I am a athiest, but no human anywhere can dictate to me what my faith can or should be.. and I will not tolerate any effort by the state to force me to.

    That includes right of self protection.. .my effort to protect self and family and home is more important than any law anywhere.

    Fortunatley demos & the current socialist crop of politicians are doing so badly that it will be a short run of obama related .

    He is litterally turning into a Carter like president..
    All talk and no real value in the end.

  • paul on Jan 8, 2010

    Btw the 10th amendment (I think its #10) will eventually take over .

    10th amendment reasserts states rights.

    Feds have done way too much already.

  • Hitler Like on Apr 24, 2010

    well before everything .. if Hitler had conquered the world i wont say it would be the best .. but that wasn’t his plans anyways .. he wanted to United Europe which will be more greater empire has been made in that age .. after the Islamic Empire which was the last .. which was starting from south Africa ending at Asia .. anyway Hitler wasn’t insane but killing the Jew .. i\’m not only saying this cause of Palestine but the Jew .. are people which is so less but got their fingers everywhere around the world anywhere you can imaging they have their fingers in it .. and they are pretty like Virus which has no cure cause it has ALREADY Spread everywhere in your body .. and more like what Marco Adriano said .. they are like \” CANCER \” yes they are anyway back to main topic .. Hitler invasion was not to attack Europe in fact he wanted the Jews as first target which America and great Britni has put the trigger as well for country\’s like Netherlands .. by putting their troops there and made him has no choice but to shot back in Holland which made him went to another story .. beside that about race\’s i don\’t hate colored people no matter how or what .. Hitler was so happy of being having many of them .. its sorta like when great Alexander went to babel and married one of their dancers .. and start give them more rights .. also his generals started to turn their back to him .. you will see this everywhere !! there\’s no human without mistakes .. in fact Italians didn’t like colored people as well .. and USA and United Kingdom as well has lots of slaves .. but the world doesn’t blame them .. about it anymore but they blame Hitler .. yeah well ” … Whatever ” , Hitler wasn’t an angel .. or god but he was a man who knew the power of his people .. perhaps he would of have done better if his generals were more loyal @ the end with him .. beside that the Great USA .. why don’t you people read your own books of history and check out what have you done with Vietnam and why did you guys start the war with them .. every American seems very proud of himself .. but what kind of history have you got .. !! LOL im going into something else …
    BTW it wasn’t easy to lead country like Germany specially by that time Hitler control it wasn’t too powerful as strategy commander Hitler was one of the greatest .. after all check how many country’s he conquered specially France which has special record when he reach Paris in 6 hours .. and after it attacking Soviet Union which America was shacking from it by that time and helped lots to remove it .. beside that Hitler was a man of great vision and great leader and died with honor and at least made enough respect of his people as powerful nation . after all the world will not bring us another leader like him i guess and nothing will change anymore beside the Americans keeps talking with proud about things they didn’t do and just believe what Hollywood makes for them in movies .. and act like they did what the whole world couldn’t do or whatever .. like Hiroshima when they couldn’t hold the axis force’s any longer .

  • Jackson on Jun 26, 2010

    Oh god…down with America right? In response to the previous comments. What kind of history does America have? Hows about walking on the moon? People like you are such hypocrites. Spouting off about how over-proud the American people are but not your people right? Your people got it all figured out and are meek and humble servants of humanity right? You and your people are sitting pretty high on the mountain top, gazing out on the world from your golden throne of judgment right? I’m an American. From my viewpoint the American people just try to make a living for themselves and their children. How pompous and arrogant of us! There are many nations in the world that truly deserve to be proud of their accomplishments and if you don’t think America is one of them your either dishonest with yourself or ignorant of history.

    Now, if we(USA) didn’t win the war in Europe for the allies who would have? If the Germans had managed to defeat the soviets the war in Europe would have essentially been over. The Germans would have then mobilized the majority of their forces to France to prepare for an invasion of the U.K. Strong and determined as the British are i don’t see them standing any chance against a unified European military. A big reason the Russians were ever able to last so long against the German war machine is because the U.S was supplying them with weapons and supplies. If the U.S had remained completely neutral it would have been up to a combined British-Russian alliance to drive Hitler out of Europe. I’d say that’s possible but very unlikely. Russia by 1944 had taken the beating of it’s life and total defeat for them was a strong possibility. England was weakened but holding it’s own but only because of substantial military and economic assistance from the U.S.

    People should also keep in mind that the U.S was the only nation even close to developing nukes at this time. Because of this reason alone no nation ever had a chance at defeating us. It’s a simple fact. Hitler could have achieved total victory in Europe but he was doomed to lose from the beginning. We would have nuked Germany into dust if we had to. Personally i believe some things would be better if Germany had won. If Germany had had a leader that wasn’t a genocidal megalomaniac perhaps they would have steered the world down a better course then the U.S has.

  • James on Oct 9, 2010

    have to add in my 2 cents, all i’m reading is ‘thank god for usa entering’ etc and they ‘would not of enterd if it wasn’t for japan’,
    firstly usa entered because of what they were going to gain from entering ww2 land they got knowledge from GB, and got the top scientists etc from germany after the war,

    i am grateful very grateful they did enter ww2, as they saved alot of inocent lives they also caused alot of needless deaths as well but this happens in war,

    but we are looking over the fact that THANK GOD ENGLAND ENTERD THE WAR, as europe then would of fallen before the likes of usa could of got off the toilet, and russia been able to build up and knock back the NAZI’s,

    it’s a common myth that the uk was already involved at the time, as they wernt really seen and didnt see themselves as a europeon country and neither did the germans. and i didnt see the usa standing up and be counted when countries were being taken over and incoent people being murderd.

    it is also a myth saying that usa won the war the battle of britian was the only real direct threat on GB and included i believe 3 americans after that failed for the Nazi’s they looked at russia where russia not only smashed them but moved into and threatend germany, the usa helped a hell of alot with the push through france etc to germany and for that we are grateful.

    i’m irish and when i look at ww2 i know that GB and the UK are who i;m grateful to as they were the ones from the very beginning who didnt hide their heads in the sand, and lets not forget the help from the aussies and many many other countries not just the americans coming in

    thats my bit sorry had enough of the america won the war BS, and yeha i reckon if germany took over europe usa defo would of fallen, they would never of been able to stand the japanese and the Nazi’s

    apologies for the grammer

  • James on Oct 9, 2010

    i also agree with anna’s comment above the canadians are looked over the canadians done alot more for europe way before the usa ever enterd americans in general are fed alot of bs about ww1 and ww2 as ive lived their for 2 years it’s a little sad actually.

    and jackson your so so so so wrong, yes the usa supplied russia with resources etc, but britian supplied russi with air support which was as needed at the time, most of the german casualties were lost on the russian front and if you ask any country in europe who were the biggest help and took most of the brunt of germany it was russia there were no american soldiers or british there, (or not many). so supplies and air support can only do so much. yes russia had a packed with germany and would prob of stood by while hitler took europe but hitler screwed himself the day he turned on russia anyone who knows anything about ww2 knows that was the day germany wasnt gonna take over europe

    After Hitler realized he could not invade England without control of the air (which he could not obtain), he turned his attention towards the East. He invaded Russia in June of 1941. By December of that same year, he was on the outskirts of Moscow; tough Russian defense (combined with one of the coldest winters in history) allowed Russia to hold German forces, and counterattack in some places. In 1942, Hitler decided to turn his army south, towards Stalingrad. The German army was almost successful, but could not quite capture city; indeed, the Russian army turned the tables and trapped nearly 250,000 German’s in the city. Unable to supply the troops by air, eventually the surrounded troops were killed or surrended (the last of them in February, 1943). In the Summer of 1943, the largest tank battle in history took place at Kursk; Germany was defeated by a numerically superior force. From then on, Germany was on the defense, and Russian continually pushed them back until the final capture of Berlin in 1945. Despite what you might read in the history books, at the cost of million of lives, Russian was the country that stopped the German jaugernaut and turned the tables on Germany. I’m not saying they did it alone, or were doing it for the Allies, but there is no disputing that Russian blood was spilled taking Berlin.

    yes as ive said im very grateful and i dont wanna seem like im bashing the americans as i love americans but ive had enough of the bs i hear from the usa, are you actually taught as kids you won ww2 by yourselves ???, as the paragraph above russia basically got on berlin by themselves, yes they got supplies from usa and equally got air support from the RAF. and there is no argument to that usa helped greatly and sped up the frontle through france etc with britian and that im grateful for, but dont ever believe usa won the war by themselves as the countries who stood up against the NAZI’s from the very beginning would beg to differ….

  • bob on Nov 7, 2010

    i wish hitler won the war :D

  • John on Jan 14, 2011

    The USA right now, with Obama (worst president ever and a Muslim), STINKS. If Hitler had won, Obama would NOT have been president. I can’t stand Obama. His presidency has ruined my life.

  • Subinder Singh on Feb 3, 2011

    If Hitler won we would be living in a war and terrorist free world right now. No racisim, nothing. Simply peace and prosperity. Think about it … really think about it …..

  • erin on Nov 12, 2011

    i think hitler created barbie blonde hair blue eyes…
    ring a bell?

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