The worlds reaction to justin biebers death, who would care who would just feel a little better, who actually beleives he is sixteen, will he die before or after puberty.

Justin Bieber dead january 5( thats my birthday wouldnt that be awesome justin dies on my birthday anyway..) i think i would be the guy planning to crash his funeral and egg his coffin maybe even flatulate (smart word for fart) on it…. and then there are the people that think there life ended because justin biebers did, the news report would probably go something like this 

January 5,

justin bieber dead

and as an aftermath there has been a high suicide rate and even higher percentage of parties

Due to the high suicide rate of the justin bieber fan club the song baby baby on youtube has been removed…. 

breaking news a man just crashed justin biebers funeral and is egging the coffin….

whats this i hear he has flatulated all over the coffin.

my news report would be a little diffrent it would go a little like this

PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!!!!! THE (insert curse word here) IS DEAD!!!!!

and all my friends would know.

so lets talk about the autopsy how would that go, let me give you a glimpse

WTF!!!!!! where’s his penis

i guess god takes a little and gives a little

it seems though justin bieber has many fans yet alot more enemies

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