Some thoughts on where names come from and why we are named the way we are.

Have you ever wondered about what is in a name?

Names are used in society to distinguish one person from another. Some names can be inherited family names or can carry information about our roots, as in the case of a surname. In the case of a name being given from a Christian source it generally follows that an important source for your name would have come from a saint. I know that in my family many of my aunts and uncles have this claim to fame. One may also have a name that belonged to royalty or heroes. These heroes may have even been from mythology.

First name is typically given to you at birth. Maybe your parents had something or someone special in mind when they chose your name. In my case my mother was hoping for a boy she could name after one of her brothers named Carl. When I arrived on the scene as a girl, my mother quickly decided she could still sort of use her brothers name and inserted an o between the r and l. An interesting fact about the name Carol is that it was also given to a hurricane in 1953.

What is in a name is dependant on many factors such as family history, religious background, or cultural background. One thing is for sure I believe we all feel that our given names are unique to us; that our parents had some wonderful reason for naming us the way they did.

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  • Fresh Writing on Feb 17, 2009

    Hi, Meandu!

    This is a really interesting article; I hadn’t really ever thought about the meaning and background of a name (especially mine, which is something I’ve just taken for granted over the years), but learned a lot in this article.

    Nice job on it; you have some really interesting material in here.

    See you around!

    -Fresh Writing

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  • Francy on Jul 3, 2009

    well done

  • Phill Senters on Jan 11, 2010

    Nice. I think everybody wonders where their name came from and what meanings it may have.

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