The planet and it’s world around us.

In the beginning God created the heavans and the earth. I think this earth is going to pot with all of the unexpected tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. Reasearchers have found out that the world is full of explanations and have even followed tornadoes like freaks. This is explained about but, nobody really knows how these destructions start and when they will end.

Scientists spot the start of a hurricane. They know the distance and the length of it and watch it pass. Destruction has hit and the debre has to be picked up after. How and when will this end?

Reasearchers also find tornadoes at large and read their windspan. It takes it’s toll and destroys houses,and everything in it’s path. How is it that these destructive matters start and why. Nobody knows. This is the answer I came up with.

Mother earth is telling us something and we are not listening. We are at rage against her and it is killing us. The answer? Just stop with spending all kinds of money to into outer space. The ozone layer is wiped and it is causing destruction. I would rather not want to find out who is out there than ruin the planet.

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