Originally Written by: Irene Joy B. Dayo.

When the Chocolate Tastes Bitter

Originally Written by: Irene Joy B. Dayo (Joyrealle)

Have you been left by the one you love? Have you been waved goodbye by the person you thought was yours forever? It was very painful, right? How about when you love at the perfectly wrong time, when it is too late? Meaning, you love him and he realized that he do not love you anymore? How does it feel? If you ask me, I for one will say that I will be devastated; I will ask myself why I felt this just now, at the wrong time when it supposed to be in a perfectly right person for me. I will be hurt, of course. It would be like that, wouldn’t it? For some right things fall in a wrong place and tears fall when it is already too late.

Life in this world is very imperfect no matter how we make it perfect. Life is unfair, according to many, and it depends on us on what way we will be contented in order for us to perceive the fairness of life. Likewise, love in its nature is abided with pain. All of us may consider that love is the greatest feeling each of us has feel, it may transcend us to the other side of the earth we don’t even know existed and it may change our perspective on different things that induct us to forget, forgive and be happy but we cannot turn our back to the fact that love comes along with pain. Not all of us experienced the complete happiness when we begin to capture the magic of love. There is the love that supposed to be perfect but due to possessiveness, it will then cause pain and confusion to go on. There is the love that supposed to be idealistic but because of being too afraid to lose, it will then lead to fear. There is also love that seemed to be a true love at all but because of being too delayed to respond and too careless to keep or let me say, too late to realize, the person has already slipped away. Sadly, he may realize that his love is too lovable for him to give it to you, he may woke up in that unlucky morning thinking that you are not worthy for his love and so to say, you do not deserved it. It would be ungrateful to think of matter like that knowing that when one just grasps love, eventually, he will then catch heartbreak.

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  • Socorro Lawas on Jan 13, 2012

    Oh I was thinking of the chocolate I love to munch.

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