Originally Written by: Irene Joy B. Dayo.

Love, may it be complicated or not, has never been a question at all since the beginning of time. Love is the greatest thing that has been given to us and the most precious treasure we ever give. It is therefore priceless in a way that it is a road between happiness and pain but paradoxically letting us feel both joy and twinge. Yes, love may cause pain but we cannot achieve true happiness without pain. We should at times understand that it is up to us, who love, on how we get grip on the handle as we ride the rollercoaster ride of love. If it meant to break, let it be – it must not a true love after all. Forget the past and move on. If it meant to fight, then fight – if things goes well at the end, it must be true love after all. If it meant to wait, then wait – love comes in a right time. We don’t need to think too much, just enough to know that when the chocolate we hold tastes bitter, just taste the bitterness. Always remember that a true chocolate is always sweet no matter how bitter its mixed cocoa ingredient is. At the end of the bitterness, there always turns out the true sweet flavor. Similar to love, when love brings too much pain, just feel the pain as long as you know that it is love. Bear in mind that true love, if it is really true, will always bring happiness at the end of the trail. As the true chocolate, true love will give its true flavor, its true meaning and its true essence since love is always be love after all.

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  • Socorro Lawas on Jan 13, 2012

    Oh I was thinking of the chocolate I love to munch.

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