often started with a fiery disputes about art, life (which we in our circle knew only by hearsay), the fact of the ideals of the past, future, and we hatched often until midnight. I listened to what nejpozorněji, I came in the enthusiasm with others, laughing, or was touched, and on that occasion I learned all that when it came to my father and my first child.

So far, I grew, I hired a teacher from whom I would not Aleksandra Mikhaylovna not learned anything. When I was a geographical one hour only blind, searching for a map of the river and city. With Aleksandra Mikhaylovna, we embarked on the journey, we stayed in these countries have seen so many strange, enthusiastic experienced many, many hours of fantastic, and so strong was our common zeal that finally had nestačovaly books that once read, it was necessary to grasp the new Books.

Soon I was able to give instructions to their own geography teacher, although I must confess that until the end excelled beyond me its perfect and totally accurate knowledge of steps, on which lay some of the city, as well as those of thousands, even tens of hundreds of residents who lived in it .

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