Some women indulge in the habit of dressing provocatively, especially making sure that they expose part of their breast to the general public to gaze at. Even while in public function some of these women married or unmarried always make sure that substantially part of their breast are exposed for everyone to see. Why do women flaunt their boobs? In this article, after extensive research, I discovered reasons why some women flaunt their boobs at us.

Women who flaunt their boobs do it for various reasons because as we all know there is no smoke without fire. Some may see it as a means of gaining people’s attention, fun and so on; some are addicted to it, while some do it to seduce easy-going men.  

So many women believe that the breast is the best thing they appreciate on their body, so sometimes, they display them to show how happy they are and to show their liberty, especially for their boyfriends/husbands or whoever they feel also care to appreciate their boobs. Some of these women don’t hide their feelings, especially at parties; they make people see what they are endowed with by exposing substantial part of their boobs.


The major reason why some these women love flaunting their boobs is because they think it is good for their health. They flaunt their boobs because they believe that breasts need to inhale some fresh air, for proper growth and to keep such exposed boobs away from rashes and other similar diseases.

Some ladies expose their boobs because they believe that there is nothing wrong with that, it isn’t a crime.  There no law on this planet earth that forbids women from exposing their boobs after all no one will arrest them if they do it, it’s their body and they believe that they can expose it or put it under cover.

In Western culture a lot of women are practically going naked in the streets. Go to beaches, some of these women expose not only their boobs but are fully naked without caring whether people are watching them or not. This has contributed to high rate of rate in Europe and United States. African is rapidly borrowing this culture of exposing boobs and even going naked. Women should at all times maintain their dignity and respect by not exposing their boobs and other sensitive parts of their body to the public. This will reduce the reported cases of rape all over world.

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  • Sharif Ishnin on Dec 26, 2009

    It’s a Western ideology that sex always sells. It’s easy to be caught up in all of it. People have forgotten about the saying “We cannot judge a book from its cover”. In this case the book has no cover.

  • BruceW on Sep 2, 2010

    Actually there are plenty of places where a woman exposing herself will get arrested.

  • bobskeyboardz on Feb 8, 2011

    Its not western or eastern, sex has always been very popular. What I dont understand is, girls wear skimpy outfits and then call you a pervert when you look and at the same time they are degrading themselves. Its very funny!

  • Humperdinky on Mar 2, 2011

    So true!

  • PKRao on Apr 13, 2012

    Exposing boobs is no harm if it is puffy but god forbids if it is sacks. So those who have goodones can be excused. But what about zero size..This all are mind games. People have different reasons to do same type of thing. Lady X flaunts her boobs to tease her BF and Lady Y flaunts to seduce her BF and we poor gazers always end up spending money on laundry

  • Kate on Oct 21, 2012

    I am a woman and I find exposing boobs extremely offensive. During my formative years, I had to continually remind men that “my eyes are up here.” I cannot imagine any woman with any level of self respect, morals, or critical thinking skills who would think exposing breasts in public is the right thing to do.

    Imagine wanting to titillate men you don’t even know for “fun.” To get attention, why not impress with your intelligence, charm, and personality. You can be quite attractive without having to expose private areas of your body for public consumption.

    Many also somehow feel “empowered” by the exposure, concluding that since men are dogs, why not give them a bone and lead them around by a leash by exposing breasts.

    I think the common is both vulgar and common. No woman with any amount of self respect, class or intelligence engages in this sort of behavior.

    Women who act like this anger me. As women, we have a hard enough time being taken seriously, where most of the news coverage of women shows us in various states of undress, as if that is all we have to offer. Men have to resist this programming in order to engage us as people first.

    Just seeing a woman walk into a professional, respectful event with her breasts hanging out on display makes me question her state of mind.

    As a woman, I don’t want to lead men astray or inject sex into a respectful exchange. If the man is not my one and only, why would I want him to see me in those terms or to help him fantasize about me with my clothes off? If I am looking for a mate, why would I want a man to be drawn to me out of some Pavlovian response conditioned by the sight of my breasts as opposed to my friendship, spirt, soul, heart, and intelligence?

    I also wouldn’t want to lead men astray and expect that many do not necessary appreciate being aroused by random women. In effect, women who flaunt themselves are sexually harassing men, essentially forcing their sexuality on them to generate a response.

    ALL WOMEN know the power our femininity has on the opposite gender. We experience that power ever day of our lives. I’d like to say that good women, ladies, use that power responsibly and respectfully..and that the other kind exploit it for selfish, narcissistic, sensuous, self serving advantage.

    Ironically the willingness to flaunt ones breasts in public says a lot about the woman and her value system.

    I am so glad to read that men are offended by this as much as women. Men should really stop encouraging this sort of behavior and ask such women if they would prefer a sweater to cover up or just avert their eyes in embarrassment. Any woman whose ego swells over admiring glances inspired by exposing her breasts in public has built her sense of identiy on quicksand.

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