You may call me names, but stick and stones will hurt me!

I love to use words of endearment:

A term of endearment is a word or phrase used to address and or describe a person, animal or inanimate object for which the speaker feels love or affection;

Some people find this odd; I had people say I have a name.

I don’t mean any wrong and wonder why people are sometimes offended.

I love all mankind; I have some type of affection for all walks of life.

The words I am so often heard speaking to someone is sweetie, dear, baby, honey bunny.

Dear Heart, Sweet Baby.

Terms or words of endearment are used for several reasons or another.

Keep in mind I make up words as I go along, My peach bunny, My sweet brown toot,

I do not mean any wrong such words may not sound right to a person with anger problems.

But I am not unhappy person. I don’t have anger management issues either.

My pumpkin, my angle dimples, my little divas, but I had people say to me, that’s not my name and actually sound mad.

Why would they sound mad hear good nice sweet words?

Would they rather be called a name of a female dog, or the back of donkey butt?

When I use a word of endearment I never mean any wrong right or indifferent to who the person is and there government name..

I love to taste sweet foods and to be able to lift another person spirit sounds like fabulous news to me.

I am just implying to the person that I speak to OK, in a friendly manner that you are worth to be called something wonderful.

I actually value every person that comes into my life for a reason purpose or season.

I tend to use words of endearment because it helps reveal to other people I am a good person and actually makes me feel good.

First impression is lasting.

I have learned that my words of endearment are looked at as a nice statement or phrase worth hearing.

When someone says to me after I have said to them Hello sweetie and they reply back my name is not.

It actually hurts my feelings because I do not mean any one any ill feelings.

I never use my endearment words in harsh statement, so why would they feel offended?

I never use poor body language when I speak to people. I guess every situation should be addressed differently.

I assume my good nature and my endearment words are not greeted by all as favorable.

I am not being patronizing when I speak if they got this opinion they are truly wrong.

I am not a bad person; I think I am good person.

I tend to see the good in all people. I cannot find fault in people without looking at my own self first.

So for the people who do not like to be called sweetie, cutie pie, baby, honey, and tootsie?

I am so sorry that your ears are dirty and you hear bad and not good.

Clean out your mind; clean out your thoughts get a better grip on life.

In life people are going to call you worst then what I would call you.

Like I would called you brown sugar, spicy, handsome and Mr. Sexy, Sexy Momma,

I assume the people who hate endearment words have a lot more going on in their life at the moment that I have no clue and to be anger or mad with me for using kind words.

Is kind of dumb but each to his own?

I love people, I Love life and I love to use endearment words.

So for the people out there, angel-face, angel puss, angle, apricot, babe, baby cakes, baby doll, baby face and baby girl. I like you and mean you no harm.

So for the other group of people, big daddy, big love, boo, bub by, blossom, bumpkin, buttercup, charming be blessed and take care.

So for the other group of people, charming, cutesy pie, cutie, daddy mac, and there are the group I call darling, dear, dish cake, be blessed in your future.

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  • abah animasi on Apr 3, 2011

    Any bad on this earth is the work of god

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