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Realizing that our governments are made up of humans, for the most part, we have to realize that they are going though the same thing.  Government people get just as confused as civilians and errors can be made anywhere, any time, by anyone.  Computers only do what they are told and if the command is inappropriate or wrong, then the info will be skewed.  And country leaders will make errors such as the one in Iran where they are preparing to create nuclear weapons, against world preferences that they remain neutral in the nuclear area.  They most likely feel that having nuclear arms will protect them whereas, in reality, it only makes them a target.  A stupid error that could end the country of Iran, totally.

So, you ask, how does one remain neutral in all of this?  It’s not easy and it involves becoming enlightened, because in that way one is better equipped to deal with the stress, and counter fear.  The trick is to remain above all this through constant praying to the Creator and working to be One with mankind.  Help your neighbors and fellow man and be as loving as possible.  Treat everyone with respect and always be humble.  If you get stress headaches or other complications , go out into nature or your backyard or stare up at the stars at night and just relax.  After all, it is really all you can do, since you cannot solve the world dilemmas, traumas, and troubles.  Do what you need to do and take care of your family.  Beyond that there is nothing that any of us can do, other than pray for a good outcome, soon. 

I wish you all the very best for you and yours, better times are ahead, continue to pray and have faith that God will get us through this mess, and prepare for 2012.  I found a website that is refreshing and positive about the outcome after 2012 at: http://askthedragon.org

Check the date on the following Gold Note … 1922 … and when did we get off the gold standard?  1925?  And the Depression of 1929 followed. 

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History repeats itself in 2009-2010 and the New Great Depression of 2010 is formed, following the 9-11 attack in 2001 and the disappearance of the gold in the IMF World Bank, followed shortly by the Great Depression of 2010

http://askthedragon.org .  When you go there be sure to read the first two letters and then attend  the lecture by Ian Lungold.  This will prepare you for the rest of the site.  The site is religiously neutral and there is no brain-washing going on there so relax and enjoy.  Plus, I’m sure if you emailed the webmaster he would add your comments or change anything that is on the page.  Often you might be reminded that there are other opinions and the “Dragon” enjoys presenting all sides of the coin, so to speak.  But it may simply give you a chance to be more tolerant of other ideals, or to have compassion for others, but if you really get upset, tell the webmaster there about it and I’m sure he will satisfy you.  He’s just that way.

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Peace, Love, and Light to you all.

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