By Bryan Wegman.

Do you ever get that feeling that maybe you already died? Those times you came so close to death. What if you actually died? It just all happened so quick that you don’t remember. Your mind just took over and made you forget. You start hallucinating, but not in the sense your thinking of. You hallucinate your own existence. You see a truck pass by missing you by inches, when in reality you were struck and killed. So many drugs and chemicals are released at that moment, that one second before you were completely dead that your mind gained enough power to hallucinate what you comprehend to be another forty, fifty, maybe even sixty years of life depending on how long it took you to completely pass away. Now your living in this alternate reality that is really just your imagination recreating your life where you left off. You have all these ideas and schemas built up in your mind on how things should go, so your mind recreates these along with the landscapes of the world around you from how you remembered it. You continue on your normal life with no idea that you are really dead and now in complete control of your whole world. You could now potentially do anything. You don’t have to worry about death. Your already dead

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