A short story about two people, one of them makes a terrible mistake, could it cost them their marriage? Is Divorce the only action that remains? Good questions.

The lawyer advised Sherry that in Canada it’s customary for the couples and their lawyers to have at least one sit down together to be sure that divorce is what both couples wanted. Sherry asked if her husband refused what could she do. The lawyer told her that even if Frank refused to divorce her, she could probably get her marriage annulled on the grounds of his affair. He, Frank, was the one who cheated, not Sherry so even if he denied her the right to a divorce, a Judge would probably grant it anyway.

A week later Sherry received a call from her Lawyer advising her that on Wednesday of that week, she had to join him in the meeting of the Lawyers and their spouses to see if divorce was the right move to make. She assured him she would be there.

Chapter 9

Frank received a letter marked Special Delivery. He couldn’t figure out who would be sending him such a letter, but he opened it anyway. What he read made him stand up. Sherry was applying for a Divorce. Frank was stunned, he never thought she’d go this far this fast, though he knew she was angry, he didn’t think she was that mad to seek a divorce.

Luckily for Frank he had a friend who was experienced in Divorce cases, and so Frank called him for an appointment to see what this letter meant. He knew that Sherry had seen a Lawyer, her name was on the paper, but what else it meant, he didn’t know.

Frank’s life was pretty quiet these days. Most nights he sat in front of the television watching anything that happened to be on, not really taking notice, just passing time. He missed Sherry not being in the house, the sweet smell of her perfume was long gone. One night, a week or so ago he came home to see her house key on the kitchen table. He looked in the closets only to find that Sherry had taken a lot of her clothing and left with two large suitcases. He thought to himself, she must be more angry than I thought, well to hell with her, they are her clothes after-all what am I going to do with a bunch of bra’s and panties? He’d put Sherry half way out of his mind, but he still couldn’t help thinking of her, and what drove her away.

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