A short story about two people, one of them makes a terrible mistake, could it cost them their marriage? Is Divorce the only action that remains? Good questions.

Frank saw Sherry leave the house and though she didn’t speak to him, he wasn’t that worried, hell worse things happened to couples every day, why would she make such a big fuss over him cheating, when he was a bit more than half drunk? Had she no feelings for him, he wondered. Yeah she was mad and so what he thought, she’s made me mad before, it’s time for her to grow up. Frank tried to call her on her cell phone, then he tried to text her, but she didn’t answer. He knew that she could go for days at a time and not talk to him, that was her way in life, but he was fed up with these non talking days and secretly wished Sherry would grow up.

To make matters worse, her parents had called twice and wanted to know what was going on, why hadn’t Sherry called them, as she did every other day? All Frank could tell them was that they’d had a fight, and that Sherry was probably at one of her girl friends homes and the moment she walked in the house he would have her call them. Then a few of her closest girl friends called and he told them the same story, that he and Sherry had an argument, and that she was probably out walking around. That he would relay their messages to Sherry as soon as she came home.

Frank thought to himself, there’s no sense in my staying in an empty house, he might as well go out for a few drinks to calm his nerves. He went to the bar where he’d had sex with the Barmaid, but she wasn’t there, it was her night off. He couldn’t ask where she lived without any kind of explanation to her boss, so he sat down and had a few beers, hoping that when he got home Sherry would be there. Frank finished his beer and walked towards their apartment, hoping that even if Sherry was there they could resolve their problem and move on with life. The one thing he didn’t want was a long drawn out fight that would last for days.

Sherry went out for a bite to eat, then went back to the Motel. She lay on the bed, thinking about what she was going to do with Frank. There was no doubt in her heart that she loved him, but the fact that he lied to her was tearing her apart. Had he of told her he slept with some woman, and he realized how terrible a thing he had done, she could have been a little less angry at him, but he’d lied when he told her he was a bit drunk, and if there was one thing Sherry despised in life was a liar and Frank knew it. Since she hadn’t answered his calls and text messages he must know how angry and hurt she felt.

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