A short story about two people, one of them makes a terrible mistake, could it cost them their marriage? Is Divorce the only action that remains? Good questions.

The hell with Sherry he thought, if she wants to play stupid, and think I’m going to stay home worrying about her, she’s nuts, I’m going out. Frank had a quick shower and headed for the bar where he’d had the affair with the Barmaid, and wouldn’t you know, she was working tonight. Amen he thought, but if he thought that he was going to have sex with the Barmaid, he was sadly mistaken, no way the girl told him, my boyfriend is here tonight, just mind your business and leave. Phew, Frank thought, what a turn off she’s turning out to be. So he sat at the bar, had a few beers and headed for home. Totally turned off by this pretty Barmaid who’d lured him into having a sex fling only to turn her back on him, just because he said hello. Hey he thought, that’s not right. He paid for his drinks and left, choosing to walk home rather than take a Taxi. Frank had some thinking to do. A lot of thinking, and Sherry was foremost in his thoughts. How he was ready to have sex again with the Barmaid. This was just too much, so he walked and walked, till his feet were sore. When he arrived home he was no further towards knowing what he wanted from life, than when he left earlier that evening. He wasn’t even sure about Sherry, she hadn’t called, or tried to reach him in any way, the hell with her he thought to himself. I’m not going to chase after her, if she doesn’t come home, so be it.

Chapter 4

Sherry awoke from her sleep feeling much better, now that she was with her parents. She felt sorry that she had to unload her problems to them, but she needed their guidance and at this moment she had no idea which way to go. She did know that she wasn’t about to have anything to discuss with Frank until she got the results of her blood tests. Even then she wasn’t too sure on how she was going to handle this situation. She loved Frank, but just after five years of marriage he cheated on her, and that saddened her deeply. She’d known of other women, who had their men run around on them, and they just didn’t seem to care, but Sherry cared, she cared deeply about her marriage, and where it was possibly heading. She tried not to think the worst, but at the same time, she just couldn’t get the idea out of her head that she never wanted Frank to touch her again. She was afraid that she’d feel dirty because of this lie, and who knows how many other lies he’d told her. Sherry wasn’t sure she could trust Frank ever again. For the moment at least, she didn’t have to face him, or look into his eyes or listen to more lies, she just didn’t know where to go with Frank, only time would tell, and of course the blood tests as well.

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