A short story about two people, one of them makes a terrible mistake, could it cost them their marriage? Is Divorce the only action that remains? Good questions.

Sherry was never a Church going person in her adult life, though she was raised to go to church. Now she found herself wanting to speak to a Priest. She asked her father would he contact the local Priest for her and if she could see him in the next day or so, she’d be grateful. That next afternoon a Tuesday, she had an appointment to see the local Priest. When she got to the church, he was sitting quietly inside, waiting for her. She introduced herself and they began to talk, just about her parents and the weather. Sherry was glad to be in the church, for some reason it made her feel warm all over, and opening up the Priest wasn’t as hard as she thought it might be.

The Priest, Father O’Neil, listened to Sherry, seemingly hanging on to every word that she spoke. Of course you realize he told her, the last thing I’m going to do is recommend a Divorce, it’s against the laws of the Church. He did advise her to try to find it in her heart to forgive Frank and give him a second chance, but he could only recommend what she should do, he couldn’t do it for her. He asked Sherry if she wanted to make a confession, but she declined, saying that she believed in God, but didn’t believe in confessing to a man, even though he represented God.

Sherry thanked Father O’Neil for his time, and before leaving she asked him to pray for her, because now the thoughts of possibly having a Sexually Transmitted Disease was starting to haunt her. My God she said over and over, what will I do if that happens? All Father Andrews could do was advise her to pray and have faith. She left the church feeling a bit better, but the sinking feeling of possibly having a disease of any kind was making her sick.

Sherry decided to call a few old girlfriends, she hadn’t seen in sometime. They agreed to meet at a local mall, and have a drink. They all asked about Frank, and how the two of them were doing. Not wanting to lie, yet not wanting to tell them too much, she did tell them that for now, she and Frank weren’t together, but were working on things that had caused them to go their own ways. They pressed her for more answers, but she just told them she didn’t want to discuss it, and changed the subject. They settled down to girl talk and she spent a nice afternoon with her old friends. The week was nearly half over. Sherry hadn’t seen Frank since Sunday morning, and had to admit that while she was terribly angry with him, she did miss his arms around her. She shook her head as though to clear negative thoughts and went on, in her mind. She watched Television, hoping the time would go by just a little faster she was on edge, waiting for Monday to roll around. Finding out the results of those blood tests were paramount to her at this moment. It seemed that she could think of nothing else. Thankfully she had a good job, heck she was her own boss, so not being to work for a week or so wasn’t going to put her out of a job. That would be the last thing Sherry needed, to loose this job, the money was good, and she liked the people she worked with.

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